Changhai County Completed the Riverway Garbage Removal Work in Spring

According to Notice on Conducting Riverway Garbage Removal Work in Spring Issued by General Office of the Liaoning People's Government and Notice on Enhancing River Pollution Rectification Work Issued by Dalian Municipal People’s Government, Changhai County Bureau of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Supplies organized villages and towns to carry out centralized garbage removal work within the county since April 1. The Bureau held a special conference and made an elaborate work plan to ensure the orderly going of removal work, which has achieved notable results.

Until the end of May, Changhai County dispatched 6 publicity vehicles, 1549 personnel, 65 forklifts and trenching machines and 982 transportation vehicles, distributing over 1500 pieces of leaflets, cleaning up 835.9 cubic meters of riverway garbage and 2450.6 cubic meters of obstruction and sludge, which thus greatly improves the riverway environment.