Dalian Has Learnt from Shanghai about Environmental Protection And Marches towards International Standards

Recently, Dalian Environmental Protection Bureau issued the Working Program for the Environmental Protection Cooperation between Dalian and Shanghai (Cooperation Program for short) to actively promote all-round and multi-angle cooperation between Dalian and Shanghai and improve the quality of ecological environment in Dalian. Dalian Environmental Protection Bureau learned during the research in Shanghai in June last year that in terms of environmental protection, international metropolis should be in line with international standards.
Domestic sewage is the main problem of water pollution in Shanghai, and water environment management is a systematic project. In the construction of sewage treatment plants, Shanghai sets the standards that are much higher than the national emission standards. In the new sewage plants, the sewage water is treated in accordance with the international A+ standard, much higher than national standards, which not only ensures that the water quality meets the standards in a long term but also greatly saves the re-investment cost in the future. The Cooperation Program made by Dalian Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is to learn from Shanghai about innovative ideas for environmental management system and advanced practice in policy, system and measures for promoting Dalian’s ecological and environmental protection, in depth conduct cooperation between Shanghai and Dalian, constantly explore new ideas, new models and new ways in environmental protection, give full play to the comparative advantages of the two cities and deepen cooperation in many fields so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation and promote the development of environmental protection to a new level.

Shanghai has made progress in the ecological protection, construction of big data, environmental zoning, and the compilation of regulation on atmosphere, water, soil, etc. The Cooperation Program was thus put forwards to improve the top-level environmental management, give full play to the role of environmental protection in macroeconomic development, and serve as both the reference for the construction of big data for environmental protection, and the delineation of red line for ecological protection. By the end of 2017, such work as the program for the delineation of the red line for ecological protection, the draft of planning for atmospheric environment quality, the compilation of plan for the up-to-standard discharge of industrial pollution sources, the catalog of environmental resources, summary for the environmental information resources, and the construction of environmental monitoring information platform are to be finished.

The Cooperation Program also proposes to further learn from Shanghai in environmental research, environmental protection industry and environmental management, etc., optimize environmental management initiatives, and improve the program for water standards.