Ministry of Agriculture Holds a Campaign on the Conservation of Grassland Resources And Biodiversity

In honor of “International Day for Biological Diversity” and to publicize the achievements of grassland protection and construction, the campaign on the conservation of grassland resources and biodiversity was held at Nanshan Pasture of Hunan on May 22. The campaign with the theme of “protecting grassland biodiversity and promoting ecological civilization construction” was hosted by Grassland Supervision Center of Ministry of Agriculture and co-sponsored by Animal Husbandry and Fishery Bureau and people's Government of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, aiming to popularize knowledge on grassland resources and biodiversity conservation.

Deputy Director of Grassland Supervision Center Liu Jiawen said that biodiversity is formed after the long-term evolution of life on earth and serves as the material basis for human existence and sustained development. More than 20,000 varieties of plants, more than 2000 species of wild animals, as well as rich microorganisms live on grassland, which covers two fifth of China’s territory area. Thus, grassland functions as the important gene base for the development of future generations. Protecting and constructing grassland helps to protect biodiversity, and the key point to achieve the goal is to protect grassland. Currently, many prominent problems exist such as the excessive utilization of grassland resources, human destruction, area shrinkage, species decline and alien species invasion. Hence, due efforts should be made to intensify the implementation of livestock balance, ban the grazing and conduct grassland rectification, crack down on improper behaviors like illegal occupation of grassland and create the social atmosphere of loving grassland and protecting grassland.

As one of the nine national park system pilot areas in Hunan Province, Nanshan covers a grassland area of 850,000 square meters, boasts 2400 varieties of plants, over 1100 species of wild animals and 0.2 million mu of high-quality artificial grassland, and thus is an important biological gene base and a typical grassland ecosystem.

On that day, nearly 500 people participated in the activity including persons in charge of key grassland natural reserve and grassland supervision organizations at provincial level, as well as primary and middle school students. During the activity, the sponsor presented books on grassland resources and biodiversity conservation to the student representatives. The professor from Hunan Agricultural University gave a lecture on biodiversity conservation for over 100 students from Hunan Nanshan Pasture Primary School.