Pulandian District enhances the protection of birds and other wild animals

Since 2017, Pulandian District has been enhancing the protection of birds and other wild animals and achieved good results.

Several measures were taken. The first was to strengthen the surveillance of epidemic situation. Wild Animal Protection Station of the district insists on the system of information report, ensures the inspectors in place, adheres to the principle of comprehensive monitor and highlighting key work, sets monitoring point and inspection route in a scientific way, and conducts key inspection on such regions as wetland, reservoirs and wildlife habitats. Once the abnormal situation like wild animals dying of disease is found, efforts should be made to carry out reporting and treatment at the very first time.

The second is to enhance the protection of wildlife habitats like wetland, reservoirs and forest. Efforts were made to close hillsides to facilitate afforestation, ascertain the responsibility of forest ranger, and strictly forbid the hunting and cutting within wildlife habitats, so as to create a favorable living environment for wild animals.

The third is to strengthen publicity and carry out education activities by hanging banners, setting up publicity boards and distributing leaflets, and popularize the knowledge on wildlife protection, laws and regulations as well as disease prevention and control, which achieves great social effects.