To Promote the Improvement of Urban Environment in a Vigorous And Resolute Manner

Tan Zuojun, Party secretary and member of the municipal Party committee, stressed that Party committees and governments at all levels should highlight environmental issues reflected by the masses and promote the improvement of urban environment in a vigorous and resolute manner. Secretary general Xiong Boli, Secretary of Party Working Committee Wang Qiang and Secretary General Luo Dongsheng participated in the research.

Recently, citizens reflected that there is dust pollution caused by mountain blasting and deforestation in Haiyueshan Community of High Tech Zone. Relevant departments immediately paved 200,000 square-meter dust screen after investigation. Tan Zuojun required relevant departments to urge responsible subjects to conduct ecological rehabilitation in accordance with law and regulation and the principle of seeking truth from facts. Some residents in Jinliu Road of Ganjingzi District reflect that traffic noise around Jinliu Road has surpassed the given standards. Tan Zuojun came to the site and asked in detail about the noise situation, requiring relevant departments to limit speed, strengthen road network construction, etc. to reduce noise. Tan Zuojun came to Jinpu New Zone to investigate the poured out cast sand in Xihai refuse processing plant. Up to now, foundry sand and mixed soils in that area have been thoroughly cleaned and have been transported to a geologic repository for concrete raw materials. The district ordered the Environmental Protection Bureau to fine at most 100,000 as administrative penalty and required Discipline and Inspection Commission and Supervision Bureau to organize inspection departments to call the accountability of responsibility departments and responsible persons involved in relevant issues.

Tanzuo Jun stressed in the research that Party committees and governments at all levels should first attach importance to issues reflected by relevant departments and citizens, strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency and actively find problems in an effective, immediate, vigorous and resolute manner so as to ensure thorough rectification and further enhance ecological environment of Dalian; the second is to attach great importance to the rectification work assigned by the inspection team, thoroughly investigate problems and weak points, and respond to the expectation of people in accordance with law and regulation; the third is to strictly implement the responsibility system for environmental protection work and call the accountability of relevant responsible persons who should be blamed for major environmental issues; the fourth is to establish a long-term mechanism for environmental protection work, continue to promote the ecological rehabilitation and promote the revitalization of Dalian with practical effects.