Lushunkou District Completed Spring Tree-planting Task in Advance

Lushunkou District carried out measures including voluntary tree-planting and greenbelt construction activities, and completed spring tree-planting task in advance. 300 thousand trees were planted, which is a good start to realize the forestry ecosystem construction.

During the afforestation work of this year, Lushunkou District carried out implementation plan with relevant departments’ careful organization and thoughtful arrangement. Lushun Development Zone, all streets involving in agriculture, and district government signed an agreement to allocate task, clarify responsibilities, and specify measures, aiming to provide institutional guarantee.

Lushunkou District carried out voluntary tree planting activities actively, which is leaded by the leadership of Lushunkou District and cadres in Party and government organizations. More than 100 thousand saplings were planted in barracks, campuses, communities and villages. Greenbelt construction activities were also carried out. 44 enterprises and public institutions and more than 1100 people have assumed responsibility to plant 2800 saplings. The average planting cost of each sapling was about one thousand yuan. Multicolour-leaf trees were planted to promote afforestation. More than 70 thousand multicolour-leaf trees were planted in Lushunkou District, including acer negundo linn, liquidambar styraciflua, red-leaf peach, fructus forsythiae, and flowering plum. More than 100 thousand saplings of acer monoes were planted. Up to now, Lushunkou District has completed spring tree-planting task in advance.

Besides, Lushunkou District plans to convert 250 thousand square meters of bare land to greenbelt, including 50 thousand square meters in urban areas and 20 thousand square meters in agricultural related areas. Up to now, 20 thousand square meters of bare land have been converted to greenbelt, which means 80% of the greenbelt construction task has been completed. The whole task is supposed to be completed in the first half of this year.