Municipal leaders investigate renovation works on environmental issues reflected by citizens

Yesterday was International Labor Day and Dalian Mayor Xiao Shengfeng spent the whole morning in investigating renovation work on environmental issues reflected by citizens and handling official business on the spot to deal with relevant issues. He addressed that environmental problems concern the general public’s vital interests. All departments should insist on environmental protection responsibility system of “the central and local party committees and governments undertaking the same responsibilities”. We should take the central environmental protection supervision as an opportunity and insist on problem-orientation to solve the prominent problems existing in the environmental protection work. The masses’ appeals will be positively responded to. Luo Dongsheng, secretary general of Dalian Government, participated in the investigation.

Recently, the residents of Yinghuayuan Community, Ganjingzi District concentratedly reflected the problem of dust and noise pollution made by nearby industries of Ganjingzi District limestone mine. Xiao came to the limestone mine and investigated the condition. He told the related officials that they should make rectification and reform plan immediately and complete rectification within the stipulated time limit. The surrounding hillsides of Luanquanyuting Community, Malan Street, Shahetou District are forcibly occupied by a few people forplanting, which makes many people have to submit a written statement together to the related department for clean environment. The related department is renovating the hillsides now. At the construction site, Xiao listened to the management plan and requested that the hidden collapsion should be removed and the trees can be planted to beautify the mountain and build a beautiful backyard garden with fresh air. In front of automotive parts shops on Huanghe Road, Changjiang Road, Bulao Street and Changsheng Street, Xiao investigated road-occupying renovation work and communicated with the residents to thank them for their supervision on and support for environmental protection. Xiao listened to the opinions and suggestions on surrounding environment renovation and requested relevant departments to take it as an opportunity to comprehensively manage the chaos of road-occupying car repairing and washing. Xiao also listened to the prominent environmental problems reflected by the masses and made specific deployments.

Xiao addressed in the investigation that the ecological environment, as the component of happiness index, is rising, and the environmental beauty becomes the new connotation of people’s happy life. Environmental pollution, relating to people’s health, becomes the pain of people’s livelihood, and also the touchstone to test the government’s concept of political achievements, governance ability and credibility. Governments at all levels should pay attention to citizens’ voice and take people’s expectation as motive power. In the face of the environmental issues reflected by the masses, all regions and departments should investigate and find out these issues one by one with rectification measures and responsible units term by term. Meanwhile, they should promote work in all areas by drawing upon the experience gained on key points, find out and overcome weaknesses. As for violations reported by the masses, the involved industries need to be shut down. The responsibilities should be implemented and people’s complaints should be handled seriously. The disposal results should be publicized to let the citizens obtain a sense of gain and happiness.