8 million trees have been planted throughout the city this spring

Until now, 63 thousand mu of areas have been afforested with 8.06 million trees planted, respectively accounting for 78% and 85% of the plan. On April 28, Dalian convened a supervision conference on the work of afforestation and land greening as well as forest fire prevention in this spring. Related staff from the districts, cities and counties (pilot zones) involving agriculture came to Zhuanghe City, Pulandian District, Wafangdian City and Jinpu New District to inspect our city’s afforestation projects and arrange forest fire prevention work at the scene.

At present, 31 engineering management projects have been started with 0.58 million trees planted; 25 thousand mu of afforestation areas have been finished on the barren mountains with 4.09 million trees planted; 20 thousand mu of dried fruit economic forests have been constructed with 2.04 million trees planted; 111 livable villages have been afforested with 0.86 million trees planted; 145 roads, a total of 348 km, have been afforested with 0.34 million trees planted; 36 rivers, a total of 55 km, have been afforested with 0.15 million trees planted.

This spring, Dalian has constructed such representative quality projects and demonstrative projects as Zhuanghe Xianrendong Pinus koraiensis Forest, Pulandian Tangjiafang Street Livable Village Afforestation, Wafangdian Laohu Village Guanlixian Road Afforestation, Puwan New District Paotai Street Livable Village Afforestation. All the districts will grasp the short opportunity of the early May to work hard for 20 days so as to fully implement all the afforestation tasks.

It’s learned that Dalian, this year, plans to appropriate 92 million yuan to municipal government assistance fund for 2017 non-engineering management afforestation projects. After the construction of afforestation projects this Spring, a series of inspection, assessment and acceptance campaigns including effect inspection and examination at the municipal level have been conducted by the Dalian Forestry Bureau. Assistance fund will not be given to the projects that can’t match the construction standards and effects as well as the projects with low rate of survival.