Changhai County intensifies efforts in improving the city appearance and environmental quality

In order to further enhance the management work on county, town and district and improve the city appearance, Changhai County carried out the following work in light of Dalian Regulations on Administration of City Appearance and Dalian 2017 City Environmental Law Enforcement Program.

The first was implementing the responsibility system of “handling well the city appearance, landscaping, facility maintenance”. From March 29 to 30, law enforcement officers signed 156 files on formal guarantee to handle well the city appearance, landscaping, facility maintenance with operators of responsibility units along commercial walking streets, distributed over 200 copies of relevant materials and intensified the penalty on illegal street stall business.

The second was transforming management mode from regional disperse management model to centralized flow management. The county, town and district will be divided into two areas and managed by corresponding management officers in a centralized way. Since April 10, efforts have been made to rectify the operation acts which severely damage city appearance including illegal street stall business along the main road. The rectification results were achieved including cleaning up the goods of 13 operators, 14 stalls occupying streets, 43 ad posts, dismantling one unauthorized building in front of the county hospital. The rectification effectively stops the illegal operation acts and greatly improves environmental quality.