Dalian fully makes deployment and focuses on promoting Party building in key industries

In order to promote studies on the theoretical and practical issues of Party building and achieve effective results among the masses and society, Dalian Municipal Party Committee recently decided to organize and carry out a practical education activity on Party building, which can boost development and create a good business environment actively by strengthening the construction of the Party organization.

In recent years, with the development of social organizations in emerging industries, more and more industries invested by civilian capital, including social agencies, health care, expert testimony and basic education, have penetrated into society and people’s life. Party building in social organizations has become the important fields and social hot spots in grass-roots Party construction. Thus, Organizational Department of the CPC Dalian Municipal Committee will list “strengthening the Party construction work in key social organizations” as the key projects in grass-roots Party construction of this year. The first 10 key industries include non-government funded education, non-government funded hospital, lawyer, real estate agent, cultural market, project construction cost, non-government funded technical school, taxi, professional training and tour guide.

Hereby, Organizational Department of the CPC Dalian Municipal Committee deploys the works of investigation based on the three measurement criteria, including Party building, solutions to problems and social response. At the municipal level, special sessions will be held at the beginning, middle and end of the year to carry out Party activities, in which performance will be examined. In key social organizations, specific work plans will be carried out by the 10 key industries according to the requests. Social hot spots will be determined and prominent problems will be solved. The government will promise to make schedules and routes.

Yesterday, Organizational Department of the CPC Dalian Municipal Committee held a meeting again to list the tasks of the 10 industries. Dalian Municipal Education Bureau proposes to improve quality and build non-government funded schools with people’s satisfaction. Dalian Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau determines to standardize management of social organizations under the leadership of Party construction. Dalian Municipal Justice Bureau implements “lawyer Party building +” activities to promote sound development of legal profession. Dalian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau carries out activities on Party construction to promote Party building and services in non-government funded technical schools. Dalian Municipal Land and Housing Bureau implements “being qualified Party members and bringing fresh wind in industries” activities for propose of being honest. Dalian Construction Committee promotes sound development in project construction cost industries according to the “5 platforms”. Dalian Municipal Communications Bureau deals with uncivilized and illegal behaviors of taxies drivers based on the theme of “providing civilized services and warming the coastal city”. Dalian Municipal Culture Bureau implements “cultural building +” activities to promote sound development of cultural market. Dalian Health and Family Planning Commission leads non-government funded hospitals to get rid of illegal profit models and competitive behaviors based on the “standard of service behaviors of non-government funded hospitals”. Dalian Municipal Tourism Administration suggests Party members play leading roles to drive tourism market with honesty.