Northeastern inspection team of the Ministry of Environmental Protection supervises the environmental protection work of Jinpu New District

On the April 7, Wen Yi, director of the Northeastern Inspection Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and his staff came to Jinpu New District to conduct a spot-supervision on the environmental governance programs and required the New District to further strengthen the environmental protection so as to build a beautiful new district.

Wen’s group successively visited the construction sites of Dengsha River water pollution prevention, Xihai garbage landfill pollution prevention and ecological management as well as black and smelly water regulation program and learned in detail about the progress of the programs. Wen Yi pointed out that related departments should fully realize that enhancing ecological environmental protection is the inevitable requirements to implement green development concept, the significant contents to promote the people’s livelihood and well-being, and the efficient path to improve city’s comprehensive competitiveness, thus essentially strengthening the ecological environmental protection. Northeastern Inspection Center will continue to guide and support Jinpu New District to grasp well the environmental protection work and make Jinpu New District more beautiful.

Accompanying persons were Luo Dongsheng, secretary of the Municipal Government, Ji Zheng, deputy secretary of the New District Party Working Committee and vice Director of the Management Committee, and Song Zhenmin, member of Jinpu New District Party Working Committee and vice director of Management Committee.