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Lushunkou District conducts tree planting campaign

Recently, more than 2000 people from Lushunkou District including cadres of government organs, democrats, primary and secondary school students and volunteers participated in the tree planting campaign. Leaders of Lushunkou district including Yiqingtao, Huang Jian, Li Jun, Che Min and so on also participated in the campaign.

In the front gate of Lushun Middle School in the Lushun New District, over 600 people including  cadres of government organs, democrats, students and teachers from primary and secondary school and volunteers are planting the trees they have claimed to cultivate, which shows their determination to beautify their home.

The campaign is led by organ cadres. All enterprises, people from all walks of life, primary and secondary students and volunteers can claim to cultivate trees and the expense for per tree is 1000 yuan. Up to now, more than 1000 people from the district have claimed over 2800 trees with a planting area of 10,000 square meters. More than 60,000 trees have been planted during voluntary tree planting campaigns in Lushunkou.