Xi Jinping Calls Iranian President Rouhani

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke by telephone with Iranian President Rouhani on the evening of 27th.


On behalf of the Chinese government and the Chinese people, Xi Jinping expressed sincere condolences and firm support to the Iranian government and the Iranian people in their fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia. Xi Jinping pointed out that in this fight against the epidemic, China and Iran are in the same boat and help each other, which fully reflects the deep friendship between China and Iran and the two peoples. The Chinese people are deeply concerned about the Iranian people's fight against the epidemic. They have provided many batches of anti-epidemic materials to Iran and sent the first foreign anti-epidemic medical expert group to your country. China is willing to continue to strengthen anti-epidemic cooperation with Iran, share anti-epidemic experience and provide assistance within its capabilities. I believe that under your leadership, the Iranian people will be able to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.


Xi Jinping stressed that in the face of this major global public health emergency, only by strengthening coordination and cooperation can the international community form a joint force to overcome the epidemic. Unilateral sanctions hinder Iran and the international community's efforts to fight the epidemic. China firmly develops a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Iran and firmly supports Iran in safeguarding national sovereignty and dignity. China is willing to work with Iran and other international communities to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, jointly strive for the final victory in the fight against the epidemic, and make contributions to the maintenance of world public health safety.


Rouhani said that I am pleased with China's successful control of the epidemic, and China's experience is worth learning from. In the face of the epidemic, Iran and China supported each other and the friendship between the two peoples deepened. The Iranian side is deeply grateful to China for providing timely and valuable material assistance to the Iranian people in fighting the epidemic. It is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in health and other fields and further develop the strategic partnership between the two countries. Under the current situation, illegal unilateral sanctions against Iran should be lifted immediately. Iran hopes to work with other countries to jointly safeguard multilateralism, international fairness and justice and Iran's legitimate rights and interests.