Xi Jinping Calls Serbian President Vucic

On the evening of the 14th, President Xi Jinping spoke by telephone with Serbian President Vucic.


Xi Jinping pointed out that China-Serbia relations are the deepest state-to-state relations. Facing the test of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the two countries have once again demonstrated their brotherly love and sincere friendship with each other through practical actions. China shares the threat of the epidemic situation facing the Serbian people and has provided much-needed medical protection materials to Serbia and sent high-level medical experts. China will continue to provide help and support to Serbia in its fight against the epidemic. I believe that under your strong leadership, the fearless Serbian people will be able to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.


Xi Jinping stressed that the deep and special friendship between China and Serbia is forged with blood and will. No matter what risks and challenges, it will only make the hard-core friendship between China and Serbia more indestructible. China is willing to work with Serbia to firmly safeguard international morality and promote the international community to help each other and unite and cooperate. I believe that after the test of joint anti-epidemic, China-Serbia comprehensive strategic partnership will usher in a better future. I wish the friendship between China and Serbia everlasting!


Vucic said that China has brought the epidemic under control and I am sincerely pleased. At a time when the Serbian people are in difficulty, China has provided a helping hand, especially the Chinese medical expert group, which has provided great support and help to the Serbian side in preventing and controlling the epidemic. We will always remember it. China gives Serbian people hope to overcome epidemic. No matter what difficulties and challenges we encounter, the Serbian people will always be sincere and reliable die-hard friends of the Chinese people. Serbia will do its best to take good care of Chinese citizens in Serbia. I am willing to continue to maintain close contacts with President Xi Jinping. Long live the friendship between Serbia and China!