Xi Jinping Spoke by Telephone with South African President and Turkish President Respectively

On the evening of the 8th, President Xi Jinping spoke by telephone with South African President Ramaphosa.


Xi Jinping pointed out that after the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in China, the South African government and all sectors of society expressed condolences and support to China in various forms. "Comrades plus Brothers" is a symbol of the special friendly relations between the two parties in our two countries. China firmly supports South Africa's efforts to combat the epidemic and is willing to continue to provide assistance within its capabilities according to South Africa's needs, share prevention and control experiences with South Africa and strengthen cooperation in the field of health care. I believe that under the leadership of the President, the South African Government will achieve positive results in taking a series of countermeasures. We encourage Chinese nationals in South Africa to actively support and cooperate with South Africa's anti-epidemic campaign and hope that the South African government will attach great importance to and safeguard their life safety, health and legitimate rights and interests. China is willing to enhance political mutual trust with South Africa, understand and support each other on issues involving each other's core interests and major concerns, promote positive progress in bilateral cooperation, and strengthen cooperation within the framework of BRICS and G20 countries.


Xi Jinping stressed that China and Africa are good brothers sharing weal and woe. China has paid close attention to the epidemic situation in Africa and has provided anti-epidemic material assistance to the African Union and all African countries that have diplomatic relations in batches. Experts from both sides have conducted many video exchanges. Many Chinese enterprises, local and non-governmental organizations have also actively provided anti-epidemic material support. China is willing to continue to provide support to African countries, accelerate the construction of African centers for disease control and prevention, strengthen cooperation in public health and disease prevention and control between China and Africa, and help Africa enhance its disease prevention and control capabilities. The international community should uphold the concept of a community of human destinies, strengthen unity, coordination and cooperation, resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic and protect people's lives and health. China is willing to work with South Africa to implement the relevant outcomes of the G20 leaders' special summit in novel coronavirus pneumonia, jointly promote international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, and safeguard public health safety in Africa and the world.


Ramaphosa said that China has taken decisive and effective measures to control the epidemic, setting an example for other countries and providing useful reference. I would like to thank China for providing all kinds of support to South Africa and Africa for a long time, especially for providing valuable assistance to South Africa and African countries in fighting the epidemic at the current difficult time. This is very important to South Africa and African countries and has increased our confidence in overcoming the epidemic. I am willing to work with you to implement the consensus of the G-20 special summit and promote global unity and cooperation. South Africa will continue to support China on issues involving China's core interests and firmly promote the development of South-China and Africa-China relations.


On the evening of the 8th, President Xi Jinping spoke by telephone with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Xi Jinping pointed out that at present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is spreading all over the world and Turkey is also facing severe challenges. On behalf of the Chinese government and the Chinese people, I would like to express my sincere condolences and firm support to the Turkish government and the Turkish people. After arduous efforts, the Chinese people have just passed the most difficult period and are speeding up the restoration of production and living order. We attach importance to improving the production capacity of medical and epidemic prevention materials and strive to provide as much material support as possible for the global epidemic prevention. China has already provided some anti-epidemic materials to Turkey and arranged video exchanges between medical and health experts of the two countries to share anti-epidemic experiences. China is willing to continue to provide assistance to Turkey in fighting the epidemic according to its needs and to provide assistance and convenience for Turkey to purchase medical materials in China. I believe that under the leadership of the President, Turkey will be able to overcome the epidemic.


Xi Jinping stressed that the virus has no borders and no race. Only by forming a joint force can the international community win the war. China and Turkey should cooperate closely, strengthen coordination, implement the consensus reached by G-20 leaders at the special summit in novel coronavirus pneumonia, and jointly contribute to international anti-epidemic cooperation. The two countries should work together to enhance political mutual trust, especially on issues involving each other's core interests and major concerns, to understand and support each other, to strengthen the docking of development strategies, to deepen practical cooperation in various fields, and to push bilateral relations to a new level.


Erdogan said that the fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia is a common war facing mankind. Through heroic efforts, the Chinese people have overcome the epidemic and set an example for the world. China has made every effort to provide the world with medical and anti-epidemic materials, which has greatly encouraged the world. The people of Turkey and China support each other and their friendship has grown stronger over time. I would like to thank China for its support for Turkey's fight against the epidemic and for facilitating Turkey's purchase of medical supplies in China. Turkey hopes to strengthen practical cooperation with China in trade, finance, aviation and other fields. I wish China more prosperity and people happier after the epidemic.