Japan Electric Power (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Begins Construction of New Factory

The prevention and control of the epidemic situation has not slackened and the economic development has accelerated. On March 4, the new factory of Japan Electric Power (Dalian) Co., Ltd. started construction in Jinpu New District. This is a major industrial project for Japan Electric Power to increase capital and expand production in Dalian, opening a new chapter in Dalian's new round of opening up and cooperation with Japan. The project plans to invest a total of 100 billion yen and will be put into production in 2021. It is designed to produce 3.6 million new energy vehicle motors annually. Chen Xiangqun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and vice governor, Tan Zuojun, member of CPC Standing Committee of Liaoning Province and secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian, went to the scene for investigation and met with Japanese guests and their party, including Kawakami Fumihiro, Consul General of the Japanese Consulate General in Shenyang, and Igarashi Yisi, General Manager of Japan Electric Power (Dalian) Co., Ltd. City leaders Lu Lin, Xiong Boli, Li Pengyu and Jin Guowei attended.


Chen Xiangqun congratulated Japan Electric Power (Dalian) Co., Ltd. on its new factory settling in Jinpu New District and starting construction. He said that the new plant of Japan Electric Power (Dalian) is a major project that the provincial party Committee attaches great importance to and strives to promote. It is an innovative move by Dalian City and Jinpu New District to deepen cooperation with Japan and further expand opening up. It is also a strategic measure for Japan's electricity production to seize the opportunity and actively integrate into the construction of Dalian's "Two Leading Areas". It will certainly play a positive role in promoting the economic development of Liaoning and Dalian and the development and construction of the new Japan Industrial Group in Jinpu New District. It is hoped that the provincial and Dalian authorities will provide the best quality and most efficient services for the enterprises, promote the smooth progress of the project construction, and strive for early production and results.


Tan Zuojun said that the construction of Japan Electric Power’s new factory is of great significance to the city's optimization of industrial structure, acceleration of transformation and upgrading, expansion of effective investment and steady increase of employment, and will also become a new growth point for Dalian's high-quality development. At present, Dalian is implementing the decision-making arrangements of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the CPC Central Committee, and promoting the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and economic and social development as a whole. The prevention and control of the epidemic situation is showing a steady trend towards a good trend. Enterprises are resuming work and production in an orderly manner, demonstrating Dalian's good urban governance capability and level. We will do our best to provide accurate and considerate services for the construction of the new factory of Japan Electric Power (Dalian), to push forward the early production of the project, and to set a new benchmark for China-Japanese cooperation in the new era.


Kawakami Fumihiro and Igarashi Yisi agreed that Dalian has obvious location advantages, complete industrial categories, solid industrial foundation, good and efficient infrastructure such as port facilities, and profound opening-up details, with great potential for investment and development in Dalian. Japan Electric Power’s new production factory has chosen the new Japan Industrial Group site in Jinpu New District, which will radiate and drive related supporting affiliated enterprises to enter at the same time. It will certainly make greater contributions to the promotion of economic cooperation between Japan and Dalian.


It is reported that the new Japan Industrial Group Project in Jinpu New District, with a planned total area of about 28 square kilometers, of which the construction land area is about 16 square kilometers, will be built into a high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials industrial park between China and Japan (Dalian), a strategic highland for opening up and cooperation in Northeast Asia, and the preferred place for Japan to undertake a new round of investment in China. As the first leading project introduced by the new Japan Industrial Group, the Japan Electric Power Industrial Park Project is invested and constructed by Japan Electric Power (Dalian) Co., Ltd., which is funded by Japan Electric Power Co., Ltd., a Japanese drive motor manufacturing giant. The planned area of the project is 400,000 square meters, of which 200,000 square meters are for Japan's own use and 200,000 square meters are reserved for supporting enterprises. The main construction includes a new energy vehicle motor production base and a 700-person research and development center. The construction includes a stamping workshop, an assembly workshop, a drive motor production workshop and supporting facilities. Especially during the period of full efforts to stop the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, based on the high recognition of the project service of Jinpu New District, Japan Electric Power Co., Ltd. Decided to continue to expand the investment scale and increase the investment plan of Japan Electric Power Industrial Park from the previous 50 billion yen to 100 billion yen, which fully reflects its firm confidence in the future development of Jinpu New District.