North Korea's Top Leader Kim Jong-un Sent a Personally Signed Letter to Xi Jinping Expressing Condolences and Xi Jinping Expressed Heartfelt Thanks

On February 1, Kim Jong-un, chairman of the Korean Workers' Party, sent a personally signed letter to Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, expressing sincere condolences and providing support on behalf of the Korean Party and people on China's prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus.


Kim Jong-un said in his letter that I and the Korean Party and people regard the epidemic in China as ourr own affairs. We firmly believe that under the wise leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the Chinese Party, government and people will be able to win the epidemic prevention and control war. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my greetings to all the CPC members and medical staff who are fighting in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control, express my deep condolences to the families whose relatives have been taken away by the epidemic, and provide support to China. Please take good care of yourself and wish the Chinese people peace and happiness.


Xi Jinping expressed his heartfelt thanks to Chairman Kim Jong-un, the Korean Party and the people for their condolences and support.