Xi Jinping Talks with Micronesia Federated States President Panuelo

Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with Micronesia President Panuelo in the Great Hall of the People on December 13th.


Xi Jinping welcomed Panuelo's visit to China on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Micronesia Federated States, and appreciated his active commitment to developing relations with China and firm adherence to the one-China principle since taking office. Xi Jinping pointed out that China adheres to the path of peaceful development, insists on equality between large and small countries, firmly opposes unilateralism and bullying, and actively advocates all countries to jointly build a community of human destiny. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 30 years ago, China and Micronesia Federated States have respected, trusted and supported each other. They have carried out practical cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, which has promoted the rapid development of bilateral relations and brought tangible benefits to peoples of the two nations. China attaches great importance to China-Micronesia relations and is willing to work with the Micronesia side to push forward the bilateral relations and better benefit peoples of the two nations.


Xi Jinping stressed that China and Micronesia should maintain exchanges at all levels, expand exchanges between government departments and legislatures of the two countries, and enhance political mutual trust. China, as always, respects Micronesia's development path in line with its own national conditions and supports Micronesia's efforts to safeguard national independence and promote national development. Both sides should complement each other's advantages, actively expand cooperation in trade and investment, agriculture and fisheries, infrastructure construction, tourism and other fields within the framework of building a "the belt and road initiative". We welcome Micronesia to export more tuna and other advantageous products to China. Make full use of China's announced policies and measures to cooperate with and support the development of island countries and carry out more practical cooperation projects that benefit people's livelihood. China is willing to continue to provide economic and technical assistance to Micronesia within its capabilities. The two sides should promote people-to-people and local exchanges. Taking the signing of the agreement on mutual exemption of visas for ordinary passport holders in diplomatic, official and official business as an opportunity, the two-way personnel exchanges should be strengthened, the traditional friendship of the people should be deepened, and more practical results should be achieved in local cooperation between Guangdong and Hainan provinces of China and the Federated States of Micronesia. We should closely communicate and cooperate and continue to strengthen coordination on major issues such as climate change and oceans.


Panuelo congratulates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. He said that during my visit, I personally felt the mutual reflection of China's long history and culture and modern development achievements. As a sincere friend of China, I am sincerely pleased with China's great development achievements and believe that China will achieve greater success in the future. The Micronesia side highly appreciates President Xi Jinping's initiative to build a community of human destiny and its important role in promoting world peace and stability. Although Micronesia is a small country, it has always felt China's equal treatment and respect. China was the first to support the independence and liberation movement of the Micronesia people and to provide help for the development of the Micronesia country. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries 30 years ago, the cooperation between the two countries has brought tangible benefits to the Micronesia country and people. I reiterate that the Micronesia side will continue to firmly abide by the one-China principle. Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet and other issues are purely China's internal affairs and foreign countries should not interfere. China's successful hosting of the International Import Expo shows that China is committed to mutually beneficial cooperation and common prosperity with other countries in the world. The Micronesia side hopes to further expand the cooperation between the two countries in the fields of economy and trade, infrastructure construction, agriculture, education and other fields, and actively participate in the co-construction of "the Belt and Road Initiative". It is believed that the Micronesia-China relations will be better in the future. The Micronesia side appreciates China's important role in dealing with global issues such as climate change and hopes to continue to strengthen coordination and cooperation with China. The Micronesia side is willing to continue to play an active role in promoting the development of relations between Pacific island countries and China.


After the talks, the two heads of state witnessed the signing of a number of bilateral cooperation documents.


Before the talks, Xi Jinping held a welcoming ceremony for Panuelo in the North Hall of the Great Hall of the People. Peng Liyuan, Yang Jiechi, Wang Dongming, Wang Yi, Yang Chuantang, He Lifeng and others attended.