Video Link Between Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a video link in Beijing on the afternoon of December 2 to jointly witness the ventilation ceremony for the production of gas pipeline of China-Russia east line.


Vice Premier Han Zheng attended the ceremony.


Xi Jinping exchanged greetings via video with Putin who was in Sochi.


Xi Jinping expressed warm congratulations on the commissioning of the pipeline and heartfelt thanks to the vast number of builders of the two countries. Xi Jinping pointed out that the East Line Gas Pipeline is a landmark project of China-Russia energy cooperation and a model of in-depth integration and win-win cooperation between the two sides. In 2014, President Putin and I witnessed the signing of a project cooperation document. Over the past five years and more, the participating construction units of the two countries have closely cooperated, and the vast number of project builders climb the ice and lie down in the snow to fight against the weather and accomplish the construction tasks at a high level and with high quality, demonstrating to the world the exquisite craftsmanship of large-country artisans and the fruitful results of China-Russian cooperation. Production ventilation is not only an important stage of results, but also a new starting point for cooperation. The two sides should build safe pipelines, green pipelines, development pipelines and friendship pipelines, make every effort to ensure the safety and reliability of pipeline construction and commissioning, and promote the sustainable economic and social development of the areas along the pipeline.


Xi Jinping stressed: This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Russia. President Putin and I jointly announced the development of a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination between China and Russia in the new era. We unanimously decided to continue to make the development of China-Russia relations a priority of our respective diplomatic orientations and unswervingly deepen our strategic cooperation and cooperation in various fields. At present, both China and Russia are in a critical period of national development, and China-Russian relations have entered a new era. It is hoped that the two sides will make further efforts to build more fist projects such as the East Line Natural Gas Pipeline, so as to fuel their respective development and better benefit the two countries and their peoples.


Putin said: As Russia and China solemnly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, the commissioning of the Russian-China East line natural gas pipeline is of great historical significance and will bring the strategic cooperation between the two countries to a new height. Since President Xi Jinping and I witnessed the signing of the cooperation document on the project in 2014, the two teams worked hard under extreme weather conditions and completed construction on schedule. Russia will supply 1 trillion cubic meters of natural gas to China over the next 30 years, which will help implement the agreement reached between President Xi Jinping and me to increase bilateral trade to $200 billion by 2024. Russia is ready to work with China to ensure the smooth implementation of this landmark strategic cooperation project.


Representatives of China and Russia spoke at three stations along the Heihe, Atamanskaya and Chayanda pipelines, respectively, and reported to the two heads of state: Russia is ready to supply gas to China, and China is ready to receive gas.


Putin ordered "supply gas!" 

Xi Jinping orderd "Get gas!" 

There was a big round of applause. 


Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi, He Lifeng and others attended the above-mentioned activities. 

The China-Russian Eastern Line Natural Gas Pipeline starts from East Siberia of Russia and enters the Heihe River of Heilongjiang Province of China from Blagoveshchensk. The total length of pipelines in Russia is about 3000 kilometers. In China, 3,371 kilometers of pipelines are newly built and 1,740 kilometers of pipelines have been built.