Tan Zuojun Leads Dalian Friendly Economic and Trade Delegation to Visit Japan and Republic of Korea

From November 11 to 18, Tan Zuojun, member of CPC Standing Committee of Liaoning Province and secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian, led a friendly economic and trade delegation from Dalian to visit Japan and the Republic of Korea. During the visit, Tan Zuojun and his entourage had extensive and in-depth exchanges with Japanese and ROK political and business personages, and carried out a series of meetings, promotions, and earnest talks, which were successful. Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou attended a series of events and delivered speeches, and Chinese Ambassador to the ROK Qiu Guohong met with the delegation. Vice Mayor Jin Guowei accompanied the visit.


From November 11 to 15, the delegation visited Kitakyushu, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto Prefecture, Osaka and other places in Japan to conduct people-to-people exchanges and economic and trade talks. Tan Zuojun met separately with Toshihiko Nakai, Honorary Citizen of Dalian and Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Kitakyushu Mayor Beiqiao Jianzhi; Yuichi Murakami, Speaker of the Kitakyushu City Council, Matsuhara Tadashi, President of the Tokyo Ota District Government; Yanyemu Zhengshu, Speaker of the Tokyo Ota District Council; Ichiro Matsui, Mayor of Osaka City; and Imai Yutaka, President of the Japan-China Friendship Parliamentarians' Union of Osaka Prefecture, and other politicians, jointly explore ways to deepen cooperation.


The delegation also held talks with Sasaki Nobuhiko, Chairman of Japan Trade Revitalization Agency; Nan Shansheng, Executive Director of Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd;  Tonghiro Kitazawa, President of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd; Shigeru Inoue, president of ORIX Group; Honma Tetsuro, Special Executive Director of Panasonic Electric Co., Ltd., President of China Northeast Asia Co., Ltd.; Maekawa Yoshiki, Head of China Department of Toyota Motor Corporation and general manager of China Corporation; and Shigenobu Nagamori, President of Nidec Corporation Co., Ltd. and other members of the industrial and commercial sectors and reached preliminary intentions on deepening bilateral cooperation in trade, investment, finance, intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles, and other fields. 


On the afternoon of the 14th, our city held the "China Dalian (Tokyo) Friendly Cooperation and Exchange Conference" in Tokyo, which was attended by more than 650 guests. In his keynote speech, Tan Zuojun reviewed the history of friendly exchanges between the two places and the fruitful results achieved, saying that Dalian will make in-depth cooperation with Japan in various fields such as industrial cooperation, scientific and technological innovation and cultural exchanges, so as to provide favorable conditions for Japanese enterprises to base themselves on Dalian to develop and explore the Chinese market. In his speech, Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou expressed the hope that Japanese friends would further understand Dalian's new achievements and trends in scientific and technological innovation, industrial layout, cultural tourism, and other fields, continuously explore new space and potential for cooperation, and make contributions to consolidating the foundation of local and non-governmental friendship between China and Japan. The Special Director of the Japan-China Economic Association, Yinata Dingda, and the Japanese Senate Member, Mak Sung-kai, delivered speeches.The general manager of Nidec Corporation (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Ishiki Isukashi, the chairman and chief executive officer of Neusoft Group, Liu Jiren, made an exchange statement.


Prior to the meeting, Tan Zuojun attended the Honorary Citizens' Fair of Dalian and met with the Mayor of Wuhe city, Dodo Ryozo. He thanked to our honorary citizens and friends from all walks of life in Japan for their contributions to promoting economic and trade cooperation and friendly exchanges between Dalian and Japan. Tan Zuojun also held talks with the vice president of Japan Airlines, Hiroshi Fujita, and the two sides expressed the need to strengthen communication and contacts, to achieve wider cooperation in various fields, and play a positive role in promoting exchanges between Dalian and Japan.


During the stay in Japan, Tan Zuojun and his party also participated in the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the good relationship between Dalian and Kitakyushu, attended the award ceremony of the title of "Honorary Citizen of Dalian" for Makoto Inoue, and witnessed the signing of cooperation agreements between ORIX (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Dalian Jinpu New Area, Dalian Financial Industry Investment Group and Ji Pin Tang Company.


The delegation also met with Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou, Consul General to Osaka Li Tianran, and Consul General to Fukuoka He Zhenliang to exchange views on the city's plans to deepen cooperation with Japan and seek the support and assistance of the embassies and consulates. The delegation also went to Kitakyushu Environmental Protection and Ecological City and ORIX Osaka as "Knowledge Capital" to study the successful experiences of the local governments in environmental protection and scientific and technological incubation. 


Tan Zuojun and his delegation visited the ROK from November 16 to 18. During this period, Wen Xixiang, speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, Choi Jae-chun, former congressman and president of the Belt and Road Research Institute of South Korea, Qu Huan, President of Korea-China Cultural Friendship Association, Kim Yong Dak, President of Korea-China Exchange Association, Park Nam Chun, Mayor of Incheon and others. The two sides reviewed the achievements of friendly exchanges, talked freely about the space for cooperation and development, and said they would work hard to write a new chapter in friendly exchanges, cultural exchanges, and economic and trade cooperation.


Tan Zuojun and his entourage also held talks with Park Chang-won, special Agent of HANON SYSTEMS Company in South Korea, Liu Xiuqing, vice president of Doosan Group and chief executive officer of Doosan Fuel Cell, and Jiang Dongxun, senior vice president of SK Integrated Chemicals. Tan Zuojun said, Dalian has open platforms such as national Jinpu New area, free trade pilot area, independent innovation demonstration area and cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area, and the newly issued foreign investment encouragement policy covers many aspects, such as reducing business costs, safeguarding project land, expanding financing channels and so on. The investment opportunities and preferential policies are unprecedented. We sincerely welcome famous Korean enterprises to invest and develop in Dalian. The two sides reached consensus on strengthening cooperation in equipment manufacturing, clean energy, petrochemical and other fields. People from all walks of life in South Korea highly praised the sincerity of the Dalian delegation's cooperation during the visit and expressed their desire to develop cooperation with Dalian as soon as possible.


During their stay in the ROK, Chinese Ambassador to the ROK Qiu Guohong met with the delegation and said that he would actively support the deepening of economic, trade and people-to-people exchanges and cooperation between our city and the ROK. The delegation also inspected the Incheon Songdao Economic Zone Planning Hall and the Smart City Command Center, and learned in detail about the Songdao Economic Zone's beneficial attempts in urban planning and urban governance. 

Responsible comrades of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Municipal Government and other units participated in the visit.