Xi Jinping and Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis Jointly Visit COSCO Shipping Piraeus Port Project

On November 11 local time, President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan, accompanied by Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis and his wife, jointly visited the COSCO Shipping Piraeus Port Project.


When Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan arrived, Chinese and foreign employees waved the national flags of China and Greece and gave a warm welcome.


The leaders of the two countries and their wives were introduced to the port's operation and development plan, and then came to the roof platform to overlook the entire port. The dock was a bustling, orderly, and thriving scene. Large cargo ships docked at the port, containers lined up, bridge cranes towering, China-Europe Land and Sea Express train is full of goods and ready for departure.


Xi Jinping had a cordial conversation with local staff representatives and asked them about their work and life. Employees expressed their gratitude to COSCO for offering them jobs during the worst of the Greek debt crisis. Now they have a stable job and a comfortable life. Piraeus Port has become an important achievement of the Belt and Road Initiative. They are proud and confident of the future of Piraeus Port.


Xi Jinping said: It is a great pleasure to visit Piraeus Port. It is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. Today, I see here that the Belt and Road Initiative initiated by China is not a slogan or a legend, but a successful practice and a splendid reality. The Belt and Road Initiative adheres to the principle of joint consultation and sharing. It is not a matter of the sole discretion, but a matter of shared responsibility and shared results. China adhere to a correct view of justice and interests in its foreign exchange. I am glad to learn that the COSCO Shipping Piraeus Port Project has helped you in your difficult times. You are an important participant and contributor to the Belt and Road Initiative by building the Piraeus Port well. I wish you all a good job and a happy life.


Xi Jinping pointed out that the Piraeus Port project is a successful example of China and Greece complementing each other's strengths, forging a strong alliance, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results. It is hoped that both sides will make further efforts to do a good job of port follow-up construction and development, realize the goal of regional logistics distribution center, and build a good land and sea express line between China and Europe. I believe that the prospects of Piraeus Port are immeasurable and that the fruits of cooperation will continue to benefit the people of the two countries and regions. I wish China and Greece continued success in their cooperation.


Mr. Mitsotakis said China had helped the Greek people when they were in a debt crisis. The Piraeus Port project has proved to be mutually beneficial and has effectively promoted the economic recovery and social development of Greece, accord to the interests of the Greek nation and people, and has won the support of the Greek people. The Greek side also deeply understands the true meaning of the word "friend." Greece is ready to work with China to make the Piraeus Port project bigger and stronger, and make it a model for joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative.


Ding Xuexiang, Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi, He Lifeng, and others attended the above-mentioned activities.


Piraeus port is Greece's largest port, located about 10 kilometers southwest of Athens. In 2016, COSCO Shipping Lines. Co., Ltd successfully won the bid for the privatization project of the Piraeus Port Authority, formally becoming the controlling shareholder of the Port Authority and taking over the operation and management of the Port Authority. Currently, COSCO Shipping Lines. Co., Ltd has directly and indirectly created jobs for more than 10,000 local people. It is now the largest port in the Mediterranean region and one of the fastest growing container terminals in the world.