Tan Cheng-xu met with Maruyama Haoyi, Chief Representative of the Permanent Consulate Offices of Japan in Shenyang and Dalian

On September 30th, Mayor Tan Chengxu met with Maruyama Haoyi, Chief Representative of the outgoing Permanent Consulate Office of Japan in Shenyang and Permanent Consulate Office of Dalian in the VIP Room of the municipal government. And Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the People's Government of Dalian attended the meeting. 


Tan Chengxu thanked Maruyama Haoyi for his efforts in promoting friendly exchanges between Dalian and Japan since he assumed office. He said that during his tenure, Mr. Maruyama has carried out a lot of fruitful work, effectively promoted practical cooperation and non-governmental communication between Dalian and Japan in the fields of economy, trade, culture, education, tourism, and so on, and played the role of bridge ties and ambassadors of friendship. Dalian will further deepen exchanges with various circles in Japan, expand and strengthen cooperation in traditional fields, and speed up the cultivation of new growth points of cooperation against the backdrop of the continuous improvement of Sino-Japanese relations. It is hoped that Mr. Maruyama will continue to pay attention to and support Dalian's development after his return to Japan, further promote practical cooperation between Dalian and various circles in Japan, and realize a higher level of mutual benefit and win-win situation.


Maruyama Haoyi reviewed his work and life in Dalian and thanked the governments at all levels in Dalian for their concern and assistance to Japanese-funded enterprises. He said: although I am leaving Dalian, I will always be a "fan" of the city and will continue to devote myself to friendly exchanges and cooperation between Japan and Dalian. He wished Dalian a better future and a happier life for its citizens.