Tan Chengxu meet with Secretary of the Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan Erjie Shinkang

On September 27th, Japanese Wakayama prefecture enterprise delegation led by Secretary of the Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan Erjie Shinkang came to Dalian to participate in the 2019 Dalian Japan Commodity Exhibition. Mayor Tan Chengxu met with Erjie Shinkang and his party in the VIP room of the municipal government on September 28th. Deputy mayors Zhang Zhihong, Jin Guowei, Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the People's Government of Dalian, and Maruyama Haoyi, Chief Representative of the Permanent Consulate Office of Japan in Shenyang, Dalian, attended the meeting.


Tan Chengxu expressed his welcome to Erjie Shinkang and his entourage, and asked him to convey his cordial greetings to Mr. Toshihiko Nakai, Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan and Honorary Citizen of Dalian, and to thank him for his contributions to promoting friendly exchanges between Dalian and various circles of Japan. Tan Chengxu said: as a window of economic and trade cooperation between Dalian and Japan, the Dalian Japan Commodity Exhibition has been successfully held for 10 sessions, with more than 2,800 Japanese and Japanese-funded enterprises participating. The annual Sophora japonica Fair and the Dalian-Japan Local Banks Joint Business Fair have also attracted the active participation of many relevant Japanese institutions and enterprises. Tan Chengxu said, the Dalian municipal government attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with Japan in various fields. The newly released Sino-Japanese Trade and Investment Cooperation Report (2019) shows that Dalian's trade cooperation with Japan ranks first among the five separately listed cities in China, and hopes to tap more business opportunities, find more projects, and further deepen exchanges and cooperation between Dalian and various circles of Japan through the visit of Mr. Erjie Shinkang and his entourage.


Erjie Shinkang said that he will introduce more Japanese enterprises to participate in the Dalian Japan Commodity Exhibition, which will help make the exhibition stronger and bigger. At the same time, it is necessary to actively promote economic and trade exchanges between various circles of Japan and Dalian, promote non-governmental exchanges, and let Japan-China friendship pass down from generation to generation.