2019 China (Dalian) International Garment and Textile Expo Kicks off

This is a blend of costume culture and visual feast and this is a romantic capital and the wind of fashion collision. Yesterday, the 2019 China (Dalian) International Garment and Textile Fair, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Dalian Municipal People’s Government, opened in the World Expo Plaza. Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan delivered a speech and announced the opening of the Expo, which was attended by Vice Governor Cui Fenglin. Mr. Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry Federation, Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian and mayor, and Mr. Cartier Saeti, Secretary-General of Italian Modena Garment Association, delivered speeches respectively. The opening ceremony was presided over by deputy mayor Jin Guowei.


At the opening ceremony, Yu Peishun, the former president of China Agricultural Products Circulation Brokers Association, Li Yuzhong, chairman of China Leather Association, Xu Yingxin, Sun Huaibin, vice president of China Textile Importers and Exporters Association, Zhang Xi’an, vice president of the China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Ni Jing, executive vice president of the China Animal products Circulation Association, Zhang Qinghui, chairman of the China Garment designers Association, and Atlantic Yi, special director of the Kansai fashion industry, Qian Xiangdou, co-chairman of South Korea Daegu Qingbei fashion industry, Xie Zhongzheng, vice president of Malaysia China General Chamber of Commerce, were invited. Guests from 26 countries and regions industry, domestic brotherly provinces and cities government departments and exhibitors, purchasers, designer representatives also attended it.


On behalf of the Ministry of Commerce, Wang Bingnan congratulated the opening of the Expo, saying that the Expo had successfully held 30 sessions, witnessed the development history of China’s textile and garment industry, and became an important window for displaying China’s garment brands and an important platform for international exchanges in the textile and garment industry. At present, China’s textile and garment industry has ushered in new opportunities for development. As one of the organizers of China (Dalian) International Apparel and Textile Exposition, MOFCOM will support all parties to jointly hold this grand event, enhance the soft power of China’s fashion creativity, promote the high-quality development of the textile and clothing industry, enhance the international influence of the fashion capital and romantic Dalian, and make new contributions to the construction of a textile power.


In his speech, Sun Ruizhe said that significant progress has been made in the restructuring, transformation and upgrading of Dalian’s textile and clothing industry. Regional brand and platform advantages have been accelerated, and the radiation effect of resource concentration has continued to strengthen. Dalian textile and garment enterprises in high-end customization, intelligent manufacturing, e-commerce, overseas cooperation and other aspects of outstanding performance, commendable, new thinking, new business, new technologies, new models have become a new symbol of the development of Dalian textile and garment industry. With the development of the industry, the scale and quality of the Expo, industry influence and brand awareness gradually improve, and become an important channel for domestic enterprises and brands to go to the world, and an important window for international brands to dock with the Northeast Asian market. He hopes that with the efforts of all parties, the Expo will become a new fashion high ground and cross-border platform integrating Chinese and foreign masters, brands and trends.


On behalf of Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Government, Tan Chengxu extended a welcome to the Chinese and foreign guests attending the meeting. He said that Dalian persists in placing the textile and garment industry in an important position in its economic and social development. By formulating development plans, docking with the “Belt and Road” Initiative, implementing Internet plus, establishing industrial alliances and fostering leading enterprises, the textile and garment industry has achieved its nirvana from “Made in Dalian” to “Created in Dalian”, from “Products in Dalian” to “Brand in Dalian”, and from “National Famous” to “International Famous”. Since its establishment, the service expo has always adhered to the tenet and development direction of internationalization, marketization, specialization, branding and fashionalization. It has played an important role in promoting international cooperation, strengthening cultural exchange, boosting industrial development and improving urban quality. We look forward to building a bridge of cultural exchange and trade cooperation through this service expo, so as to achieve a higher level of mutual benefit and win-win situation.


In his speech, Cartier Saetti said that he would promote the Expo to more Italian enterprises, so as to promote in-depth cooperation and win-win results between the two sides.


The expo, with the theme of “Quality and Clothing”, will last three days and involve more than 200 international brands and 600 well-known domestic brands in 26 countries and regions. Nearly 30 overseas friendship associations and more than 1,000 domestic and foreign enterprises will participate in the expo, during which activities such as “Dalian Release”, “Summit Forum”, academic lectures, docking meetings, fashion shows and fashion trend release will be held.