The city signed a letter of intent for exchanges and cooperation with the state of Ceara, Brazil.

Yesterday, the signing ceremony of the letter of intent for exchange and cooperation between our city and Brazil's Seara State was held in the VIP room of the municipal government. Mayor Tan Chengxu and Governor Camilo Sandana of Seara State signed the letter of intent respectively. The two sides held talks on further promoting the cooperation and exchange between the two places.

Seara is located in the northeast of Brazil, with rich educational resources and relatively developed tourism. Fortaleza, the capital city, is the fourth largest city in Brazil. Tan Chengxu welcomed Camilo Sandana and his party and introduced the economic and social development of our city to the guests. He said that young people are our future, and the signing of the letter of intent for exchange and cooperation will promote the close exchanges between young people in the two places in the fields of culture, education and sports and build up the cornerstone of our future cooperation. I hope to take this opportunity to promote higher-level and deeper-level cooperation between Dalian and Seara in the fields of petrochemical industry, tourism, ports, logistics and other fields to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. During the talks, Tan Chengxu thanked Governor Camilo Sandana for actively promoting the establishment of a friendly and cooperative relationship between Fortaleza City and our city, and invited a youth art delegation from Seara State to participate in the Dalian International Youth Cultural and Art Exchange week event held in August this year.

Camilo Sandana said that Dalian is a city with beautiful scenery and full of vitality, and has many similarities with Seara in terms of natural environment and industrial development. Seara is willing to work closely with Dalian to continuously deepen friendly cooperative relations and promote common prosperity and progress.

Yi Qingtao, Secretary General of the municipal government, took part in the activity.