Xi Jinping Answers Letters to US High School Students to Work Hard to Make Contributions to the Promotion of Sino-US Friendship

Recently, President Xi Jinping wrote to the students of North Niles, New York High School in Illinois to encourage them to contribute to the promotion of Sino-US friendship. Earlier, more than 40 students from the Chinese class of North Niles, New York High School wrote to Xi Jinping in Chinese, asking about Xi Jinping's work, life and personal interests. They said they were learning Chinese, loved Chinese language, music and Chinese food, and hoped to have an opportunity to visit China.

Xi Jinping expressed in his reply to the students of North Niles, New York High School: Thank you for your letter, from which I can feel your interest in Chinese and Chinese culture. Learning Chinese can better understand China, make more Chinese friends, and also make many friends from all over the world who can speak Chinese. Your Chinese writing is neat and your words are standard, "excellent"! I hope you will continue to "refuel" and make greater progress in your Chinese study. I have visited the United States many times. I am deeply impressed by its beautiful scenery, warm people and diverse cultures. I have also made many American friends, including young American friends. My job is to serve the people, very tired, but very happy. I have a strong interest in philosophy, history, literature, culture, music, sports and so on. Many of my hobbies have been developed since I was in high school and have been maintained till now. The younger generation is the future of Sino-US friendship. I hope that the students will cherish their youth and study hard to contribute to the friendship between the Chinese and American people. Seeing is believing. You are welcome to visit China.

Xi Jinping's reply aroused a positive and enthusiastic response in North Niles, New York High School. Teachers and students said that from this reply, they felt that President Xi Jinping was approachable and amiable. President Xi's concern and care for the youth of China and the United States made all teachers and students feel very kind and touched. President Xi's letter will encourage more local students to learn Chinese, understand Chinese culture and participate in Sino-US friendly exchanges.

North Niles, New York High School is a public school in Illinois. It was founded in 1964 and now has more than 2,000 students. The school attaches great importance to international exchanges and encourages students to learn foreign languages. Since 2008, Chinese courses have been offered and the number of elective courses has expanded to 11 classes.