Take the Long Journey to Achieve the Great Goals—— On-the-spot Record of President Xi Jinping's First Visit to Three European Countries in 2019

BEIJING, March 27 (Xinhua), Headline: Take the Long Journey to Achieve the Great Goals--On-the-spot Record of President Xi Jinping's First Visit to Three European Countries in 2019


The reporters of Xinhua News Agency: Huo Xiaoguang and Hao Weiwei


From the easterly end of Eurasia, along the ancient Silk Road all the way to the west, flying over the Apennine Peninsula, southward to Sicily and northward to France. President Xi Jinping visited Europe for the first time in 2019.


Italy, Monaco, and France. From March 21 to March 26, six days and five nights, the Chinese president went to three countries and five cities, and he attended over 40 bilateral and multilateral events. They talked about friendship, responsibility, cooperation and development…" Our understanding of time is based on hundreds of years and thousands of years." President Xi Jinping told Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. When the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, China and Europe have continued their time-honored friendship, carrying the mission entrusted by the times, and advancing hand in hand for world peace and stability and global development and prosperity.


The Chapter of Friendship


"Europe is an important part in a multipolar world and one of China's most important partners. So for my first visit in 2019, I chose Europe. "


In the new era of China's diplomatic pattern, it serves to show the importance of Europe.


The European continent welcomed the leader of the civilized and long-standing eastern power with open and warm arms, conveying friendly feelings to the Chinese people.


Italy, the cradle of the Renaissance.


"President Xi is here!" "Xi Jinping Visits Europe, First Stop in Italy!"...... The visit of the Chinese head of state again after 10 years excited all circles in Italy, and the local mainstream media reported it as fast as they could.


On March 21, President Xi Jinping arrived in Rome by special plane to begin a state visit to the Republic of Italy. This was Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan stepping out of the cabin door. Photograph by the reporter of Xinhua News Agency: Wang Ye


On the evening of March 21, President Xi Jinping took off from Beijing, the "ancient capital of thousands of years", to Rome, the "eternal city".


The Palazzo del Quirinale, the Italian presidential palace, is famous for its large collection of art treasures. On the morning of March 22, President Sergio Mattarella held a grand welcoming ceremony for President Xi Jinping. A great many horses ran on the ancient roads, escorted by strong and powerful Italian cavalries. President Xi Jinping and his wife arrived at the inner court square by car. This is the first time in nearly 10 years that Italy has arranged a horse team to welcome a foreign head of state.


On March 22, President Xi Jinping held talks with Italian President Sergio Mattarella in Rome. Before the talks, President Sergio Mattarella held a grand welcoming ceremony for Xi Jinping. Photograph by the reporter of Xinhua News Agency: Xie Huanchi The old friends met each other, and felt so friendly. The two heads of state entered the president's study together and had a cordial talk. Italy warmly welcomes President Xi Jinping. Italy and China have maintained close high-level exchanges, which fully demonstrates the high level of bilateral relations. In the welcome banquet, there was a gathering of celebrities. The famous football coach Lippi was invited to attend. "I know President Xi also loves football, so although it is the first time to meet President Xi, it feels like I have known him for a long time," Lippi said in an interview with Italian media, President Xi Jinping leads a wonderful country and it is an honor to shake hands with President Xi.


The next day, the Palazzo del Quirinale opened the door again for Chinese distinguished guests. President Sergio Mattarella specially arranged a grand farewell ceremony for President Xi Jinping, who was about to end his visit. A commemorative photo album recording this visit was sent to President Xi Jinping, and many unforgettable moments became the new witness of Chinese-Italian friendship.


Monaco, a pearl on the Mediterranean coast. 


From the quaint streets to the busy ports, the flags of China and Monaco flied in the wind. A lovely giant panda sculpture stood in the street garden. The charming "Pocket Country" welcomed the first visit of the Chinese head of state with rich Chinese elements. 


During his visit to China in September 2018, Prince Albert II extended an invitation to President Xi Jinping to visit Morocco.


For a country with a land area of only two square kilometers and a population of less than 40,000, President Xi Jinping's visit is undoubtedly a vivid interpretation of China's concept of equal diplomacy for both large and small countries. 


"I don't expect President Xi to visit so soon, which is a great honor to me."  Facing the media, Prince Albert II expressed his inner thoughts.


On March 24, President Xi Jinping held talks with Prince Albert II of Monaco.  This is a group photo of Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan with Prince Albert II and his wife. Photograph by the reporter of Xinhua News Agency Ju Peng


Monaco's royal palace, which combines various architectural styles, is magnificent. In the palace, the Chinese furniture treasured by the royal family is especially eye-catching. Prince Albert II invited President Xi Jinping into the family hall decorated with portraits of the kings of House of Grimaldi to introduce family history and to express his feelings for his country.


France is a country with unique civilization.


Five years later, President Xi Jinping paid another state visit to France, with his first stop in Nice, a coastal city in southern France.


On March 24, President Xi Jinping met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Nice. Xi Jinping's wife Peng Liyuan and Macron's wife Brigitte Macron attended. This is a group photo of Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan with President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron. Photograph by the reporter of Xinhua News Agency


On the 24th, President Emmanuel Macron and his wife came from Paris to have a cordial meeting and dinner with President Xi Jinping at La Salangane Villa, which has the architectural style of ancient Greece.


President Emmanuel Macron introduced to President Xi Jinping the European Renaissance and the spirit of openness. President Xi Jinping told President Emmanuel Macron about the friendly history of China and France in breaking through the barriers of the Cold War and opening the door to exchanges.


"The people of the two countries have special friendly feelings, and this is a valuable asset. We must carry on and carry forward the relationship so as to keep the Chinese-French relationship at the forefront of the development of the times." President Xi Jinping said earnestly.


The two heads of state talked about the past and the present, they felt so satisfied and didn’t want to stop talking. The dinner party was extended by more than an hour. President Emmanuel Macron returned to Paris overnight to make preparations to welcome President Xi Jinping in the capital.


At noon the next day, when President Xi Jinping took the special plane from Nice to Paris, two French Air Force fighters escorted it the whole process. In order to show the different arrangements, President Emmanuel Macron held the welcoming ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe. The French Republican Guard and the guard of honor of the three services were spirited and mighty, and the passionate military music spread from Star Square to all directions.


Escorted by the motorcycle teams, President Xi Jinping was in the car to the Elysé e Palace. More than 100 cavalrymen of French Republican Guard lined up trimly to welcome him.


On March 25, President Xi Jinping held talks with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysé e Palace in Paris. Photograph by the reporter of Xinhua News Agency: Xie Huanchi  


In the presidential office of the Elysé e Palace, the atmosphere was harmonious, and the two heads of state had cordial talks. 


On his last day in Paris, President Xi Jinping's schedule was full. Early that morning, President Emmanuel Macron decided to hold a grand farewell ceremony for the departing Chinese distinguished guests. The guard of honor and the military orchestra lined up trimly. This is the fourth time President Xi Jinping has entered the Elysé e Palace during his visit to France. From Nice to Paris, the two heads of state had many cordial talks, but President Emmanuel Macron still didn't feel enough and invited President Xi Jinping into the Elysé e Palace to have a talk while drinking tea before leaving.


A group of diplomatic chronologies record of the friendly courses---


This year marks the 15th anniversary of the China-Italy comprehensive strategic partnership, and the next year will witness the 50th anniversary of China-Italy diplomatic relations. A joint communique on strengthening the comprehensive strategic partnership draws a new blueprint for the future of China-Italy relations.  To serve as a link between past and future, continue with the past and open up the future. The two heads of state agreed unanimously to join hands to promote greater development of China-Italy comprehensive strategic partnership in the new era. 


Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Monaco 24 years ago, the two sides have always been sincere, friendly and treated each other as equals. They have become models of friendly exchanges between countries of different sizes, different historical cultures and different social systems. 


As for the reason, President Xi Jinping said the key point: "A country can’t be evaluated only by its size," President Xi told Prince Albert II.  "The similar national character and common spiritual pursuit of our two countries have made us know and love each other well."


In the past unpredictable 55 years, China-France relations have always been at the forefront of China's relations with major western countries. President Xi Jinping expressed his firm confidence in the development of China-France relations with three "unchanged things": China put emphasis on China-France relations, which has remained unchanged; The common pursuit of peace, development, fairness and justice between China and France has been unchanged. The mutually beneficial and win-win nature of China-France cooperation has kept unchanged.  


At a new historical starting point, the two heads of state unanimously agreed to forge a more solid, stable and vibrant China-France comprehensive strategic partnership.


The Chapter of Cooperation


The Madama Villa, located on the outskirts of Rome, was built in charge of Italian artist Raphael in the 16th century, creating a new style of architecture during the Renaissance. Hundreds of years later, this ancient building once again participated in the creation of history.


On March 23, President Xi Jinping held talks with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in Rome. Photograph by the reporter of Xinhua News Agency: Lan Hongguang


At noon local time on March 23. Under the joint witness of President Xi Jinping and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, representatives of China and Italy formally signed a memorandum of understanding on jointly promoting the construction of "the Belt and Road Initiative".


Di Maio, Italian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Ministry of Economic Development, who signed on behalf of Italy, later made a speech and said: "This document is very important to Italy. Italy is the first country in the Group of Seven to sign this cooperation document!" 


Time has the shaping power to have much sand piled up to make mountains and have little drops of water accumulated to become an ocean. Six years ago, President Xi Jinping proposed "the Belt and Road Initiative". In the past six years, from "simple freehand brushwork" to "traditional Chinese realistic painting", the Belt and Road Initiative has been learned and accepted by the increasingly broad world. 


In the beginning, through "the Belt and Road Initiative", it was proposed to promote the Italian "Northern Port Construction" and "Italian Investment Plan". Later, the third-party market cooperation between China and Italy and between China and France has steadily progressed. At the beginning, the French Senate called for French government to play an active role in the construction of "the Belt and Road Initiative". Afterwards, the Italian government established the "China Affairs Working Group" ... The mutually beneficial and win-win China plan for common development is gaining more support and response in Europe.  Personally advocated, planed and promoted. During his visit, President Xi Jinping made use of several occasions to explain the rich connotation of "the Belt and Road Initiative".


President Xi Jinping stressed: "We pursue the happiness of the Chinese people, but we have never forgotten our international responsibilities. China's development is not an isolated development, and "the Belt and Road Initiative" is to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win development with all countries in the world willing to cooperate with us, and finally realize the harmonious coexistence of mankind. This is also the essence of Chinese civilization for more than 5,000 years. " 


President Sergio Mattarella said that, Italy supports President Xi Jinping's "the Belt and Road Initiative" and believes it will be conducive to the connectivity and common development of Eurasia.


Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that, we are very happy to seize the historical opportunity and participate in the co-construction of "the Belt and Road Initiative". I look forward to attending the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. 


President Emmanuel Macron said that, the keynote of the comprehensive strategic partnership between France and China is cooperation. He has repeatedly expressed his willingness to carry out practical cooperation of "the Belt and Road Initiative" with China. When meeting reporters with President Xi Jinping, he specifically mentioned the intention of making Xi’an the first stop of his visit to China last year: "Xi’an is also one end of the ancient Silk Road. I believe that the interaction of China and Europe is beneficial to the whole world. Through the communication with President Xi these days, I am even more convinced." President Emmanuel Macron will send high-level representatives to attend the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.


The data provide important support for leaders' decisions:


In 2018, the amount of China-Italy bilateral trade reached 54.2 billion US dollars, the amount of China-France bilateral trade exceeded 60 billion US dollars, and the amount of China-Europe trade reached 682.2 billion US dollars, all reaching a record high. It has become a common understanding among European countries to expand cooperation and close contacts with China. 


In Italy, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte witnessed the signing and exchange of 19 intergovernmental cooperation documents and 10 commercial agreements. From e-commerce, health care, energy and electricity to the electromagnetic monitoring satellite CBERS-02 project, Sicilian citrus fruit exported to China, China-Italy cooperation is colorful. 


In Monaco, the two heads of state discussed a wide range of topics from scientific and technological innovation to renewable energy, from wildlife protection to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. President Xi Jinping specifically mentioned new areas of cooperation such as environmental protection, telecommunications and mobile payment and so on. In these areas, China- Monaco cooperation is at the forefront of China-EU cooperation.


In France, President Xi Jinping and President Macron witnessed the exchange of 14 bilateral cooperation documents. Among them, there are not only traditional fields such as nuclear energy and aerospace, but also emerging fields such as science and technology, finance, agriculture, ecology, culture and sports.  President Emmanuel Macron reiterated his welcome to Chinese investment.


One cooperation document after another and one cooperation project after another, the world feels China's sincerity and efforts to open up and cooperate with the world.


President Xi Jinping made an interpretation explaining profound theories in simple terms when meeting with President Emmanuel Macron:


"We take the initiative to hold International Import Expo and buy foreign goods specifically to balance trade and solve some international trade deficits. This will also benefit the Chinese people, who need more international high-quality products. "


During the visit, Italy and France respectively confirmed to participate in the second China International Import Expo as guest countries.


Civilization Article

President Xi Jinping received a special gift from President Macron—


A French version of the first "Analects of Confucius Guidance" published in 1688. Only two original books of "Analects of Confucius Guidance" remain in the world. The other book is in the National Jimei Asian Art Museum in paris, France.

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with French President Macron in Nice, France on March 24. Xi Jinping's wife Peng Liyuan and Macron's wife brigitte attended the meeting. Before the meeting, Macron presented Xi Jinping with the French version of the first "Analects of Confucius Guidance" published in 1688. Photograph by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Peng


Once upon a time, Chinese silk and porcelain became a fashion in European courts.  Chinese traditional culture provided ideological nourishment for the European Enlightenment.


"Voltaire and Montesquieu were all deeply influenced by Confucius." After hearing President Macron's introduction, President Xi Jinping said: "This gift is too precious. I will take it back to China's National Library."


A few centuries ago, "China craze" emerged in Europe, which witnessed the glory of the Chinese nation in the past. Today, the "Chinese trend" is surging again in the European continent, which shows the strength of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


The delicate and elegant blue hall of Monaco palace reverberates with clear and crisp children's sounds, which touch people's heartstrings. Seven students from Monaco Charles III junior high school recited the Tang poem "Meditation at Night" and sang the Chinese folk song "Jasmine" for the Chinese distinguished guests from afar. It has been more than 10 years since Charles III junior high school began to teach Chinese. Taking language as a bridge, children fell in love with China and Chinese culture.


Coincidentally, on the eve of President Xi Jinping's visit to Italy, students from the Chinese International Science High School, Rome's National Residential School, wrote a letter to President Xi Jinping. They shared the fruits of learning Chinese and expressed admiration for China's development.


On March 18, Realey, the principal of the Rome National School of Residence in Italy (the first right in the back row), stayed with the students who wrote letters. Photograph by Xinhua News Agency reporter Cheng Tingting.


A few days later, they were pleasantly surprised to receive a reply from President Xi Jinping. There is a message deeply engraved in children's hearts:


"You are committed to promoting the ideological dialogue and cultural exchanges between the Chinese and Italian youth and enhancing the friendship between the Chinese and Italian people. I appreciate it very much. I hope you will be Marco Polo of the new era and become messengers of cultural exchanges between China and Italy."


Cultural exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations were integrated into President Xi Jinping's European tour.


On the eve of his arrival in Italy, President Xi Jinping published a signed article in Italy's Evening Post entitled "East-West Communication Becomes Good News, Sino-Italian Friendship Continues to Write New Stories". The story of the great civilization and friendly exchanges between China and Italy is narrated:


"More than 2,000 years ago, the ancient Silk Road linked distant China with ancient Rome.  Gan Ying, an envoy of the Han Dynasty, was assigned to search for the "Great Qin". The ancient Roman poet Virgil and geographer Pomponius mentioned the "Silk Country" many times. "The Travels of Marco Polo" caused the first "China fever" in western history.


These historical allusions mentioned by President Xi Jinping resonated with Italian Senate President Casellati. I agree with President Xi Jinping's comments on the thousands of years of traditional friendly exchanges between the two countries. Both Italy and China are major cultural countries. Italy is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China in culture, art, language and other aspects, encourage youth exchanges and enhance mutual understanding.


In 2014, Xi Jinping visited Europe for the first time since assuming the presidency. When the UNESCO headquarters delivered a speech, the concept of Chinese civilization was put forward. Civilization is colorful, equal and inclusive. At a time when the "Clash of Civilizations" is rampant, the concept of China is of great practical significance.


--Different civilizations should appreciate each other.


The Paulina Auditorium of the Quillana Palace was ablaze with lights. After the welcome dinner, President Mattarella specially held a small concert for President Xi Jinping and his wife. Italian blind singer Bocelli sang "My Sun" and "No One Sleeps Tonight". President Xi Jinping warmly applauded the exquisite performance of Italian artists.

On March 25 local time, accompanied by French President's wife brigitte, President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan visited the Paris Opera House in District 9, Paris. Photograph by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding lin


At the world-famous Paris Opera House, President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan had a cordial exchange with the actors: "China and France are both major artistic countries with profound cultural heritage. I hope that artists from the two countries will strengthen exchanges and play a greater role in enriching the connotation of Sino-French cultural exchanges and enhancing the friendship between the people of the two countries."


--Different civilizations should learn from each other.

"Sacrifice yourself and live up to the people."


The demeanor of a great power leader is fully reflected in this wonderful dialogue, which is full of strong humanistic feelings.


President Xi Jinping agreed to hold a meeting with Italian House Speaker Fico on the afternoon of March 22. Speaker Fico asked President Xi Jinping a question: "How did you feel when you were elected President of China? Because I am already very excited to be elected speaker of the House of Representatives, and China is so big, what do you think as a leader of such an important country in the world? "


President Xi Jinping was gazing at speaker Fico and replied firmly: "governing such a large country requires great responsibilities and arduous work. Sacrifice yourself and live up to the people. I am willing to be a "No-Self" and dedicate myself to China's development."


"Welcome to China! You can look at ancient and modern China and the industrious and intelligent Chinese people."  President Xi Jinping issued a warm invitation. Speaker Fico happily promised: "I will definitely go!"


In France, in front of the welcoming banquet at the Elysee Palace, the leaders of the two countries visited the photo exhibition on the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France and the 100th anniversary of the work-study program in France. Old photos have awakened memories of the past.


History has undergone constant changes.  From the founding of the Communist Party of China, the founding of the People's Republic of China, to the promotion of reform and opening up and the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the Chinese people have made arduous explorations and pursued progress on the journey of national rejuvenation.


President Xi Jinping shared his experience with the leaders of the three countries on important issues such as governing the country, national economy and people's livelihood. As New China's 70th birthday approaches, the leaders of the three countries respectively congratulate China on its great achievements.


--Different civilizations should cooperate with each other.

A piece of good news was sent back to China, which excited the Chinese people. Under the joint witness of President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Comte, representatives of China and Italy exchanged certificates for the return of cultural relics and works of art lost from China.  796 sets of Chinese cultural relics, such as cocoon-shaped pots in Han Dynasty, pottery camels in Tang Dynasty, black glazed porcelain in Song Dynasty and purple clay pots from the end of Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, will return to the motherland.


Two pairs of world heritage sites have officially launched "Twinning" cooperation, such as West Lake in Hangzhou, China, and the Old City of Verona, Italy, Honghe Hani Terrace in Yunnan, China, and Piemonte Vineyard, Italy.


The two countries held the Sino-Italian Cultural Tourism Year in 2020. The two countries held the Sino-French Cultural Tourism Year in 2021. Taking the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games as opportunities, China and France have strengthened their cooperation in sports and culture. More and more cooperation programs show the gradual enhancement of cultural exchanges between China and Europe.


On March 26 local time, Peng Liyuan, the wife of President Xi Jinping and UNESCO's Special Envoy for the Promotion of Girls' and Women's Education attended the special session on girls' and women's education held at UNESCO's Paris headquarters at the invitation of UNESCO. Photograph by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding lin


During the visit, Peng Liyuan, wife of President Xi Jinping, as UNESCO's Special Envoy for the Promotion of Girls' and Women's Education, attended the special meeting on girls' and women's education held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. "Professor Peng Liyuan devoted herself to promoting the development of girls' and women's education and played an important role." "Thank you very much for China's strong support and cooperation to UNESCO."  Director-General of the organization Azulai praised it.


Undertaking Article

Italy and France are important members of the EU. Monaco is one of the friendliest countries in Europe to China.


China and Europe are the two major forces, markets and civilizations in the world today.


In the Miao La Hall of the Elysee Palace, bright sunshine shines through the glass dome to illuminate the whole hall. President Xi Jinping and President Macron met with reporters here on the afternoon of March 25.


The two leaders happened to mention at the same time the profound changes that the world is experiencing today and the responsibilities that China and France should bear.


The world today is experiencing great changes that have not taken place in a century. Human beings are at a confused crossroads, President Xi Jinping pointed out. As comprehensive strategic partners and responsible countries, China and France should continue to explore independent, mutual understanding, forward-looking and mutually beneficial and win-win ways to get along with each other and contribute more positive energy to the peaceful and stable development of the world.


The world is undergoing profound changes and the multilateral system is facing collapse, President Macron said.  As permanent members of the UN Security Council, France and China have a special responsibility to jointly point out the direction for balancing the world pattern and building a new world order by jointly formulating rules. France is a reliable and clear strategic partner to China.


Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Macron attended the closing ceremony of the Sino-French Global Governance Forum in Paris on March 26. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker were invited to attend the closing ceremony. Photograph by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju peng.


The closing ceremony of the Sino-French Global Governance Forum was held in the Elysee Palace on the morning of March 26.  In the broad festival hall, President Xi Jinping sat next to President Macron.


"As President Xi Jinping visits France, the Global Governance Forum organized by France and China is of great significance.  Facing the impact of protectionism and unilateralism on the basic principles of international relations, France and China must work together to discuss the global governance framework and jointly deal with the challenges we face."  French Foreign Minister Le Drian said.


In today's world, some unstable and uncertain factors are gradually emerging.  Meeting challenges through cooperation has become the common consensus of the international community.


This forum co-hosted by China and France is of more multilateral significance due to the participation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.


Before the closing ceremony of the forum, President Xi Jinping, President Macron, Chancellor Merkel and President Juncker held a quadripartite meeting. They had in-depth discussions on multilateralism and the development of China-Europe comprehensive strategic partnership and reached further consensus.


"When human development is at a confused crossroads, all countries should have the spirit of taking the world as their own responsibility, take active actions, refuse to be spectators, and make joint efforts to control the future and destiny of human beings in our own hands."


"We must adhere to the concept of global governance of discussing and building and sharing together. We must insist that global affairs are decided by the people of all countries through consultation and actively promote the democratization of global governance rules."


"We should put mutual respect and trust first and make use of dialogue and consultation.  We must adhere to seeking common ground while reserving differences, enhance strategic mutual trust, reduce mutual suspicion through sincere and in-depth dialogue."


"China supports the necessary reform of the World Trade Organization. It can further build an open world economy, safeguard the multilateral trading system and guide the healthy development of economic globalization."


President Xi Jinping's speech at the closing ceremony of the forum was unanimously approved by all participants.


Apart from the forum, China once again sent a clear signal to the world to firmly safeguard multilateralism through a statement and a meeting.


"The two countries reaffirm the basic principle of respecting international law and international relations and promoting the construction of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness and justice, and win-win cooperation." The Sino-French Joint Statement on Joint Safeguarding Multilateralism and Improving Global Governance pointed out.


When President Xi Jinping met with Chancellor Merkel, he said: "Joint cooperation and mutual benefit are the only correct choice to solve various global problems."


During the visit, President Xi Jinping had in-depth strategic communication with the leaders of the visiting countries on major issues such as safeguarding the multilateral trading system, tackling climate change and promoting the UN sustainable development agenda in 2030. China's proposal has been widely echoed.


"We are jointly committed to promoting the United Nations 2030 sustainable development agenda and tackling climate change. China plays a decisive role in coping with the challenge of climate change. Italy is also willing to do its part." President Mattarella said.


"Monaco highly appreciates China's important role in international affairs such as climate change. Monaco is willing to support China in hosting the 15th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity next year," Prince Albert II said.


Although there are differences between China and France, they have a common understanding of the world. Trade war is harmful to everyone, and conflict is invalid. Only cooperation can produce efficiency, President Macron said.


"Friendship is not an accidental choice, but the result of the same interests."  President Xi Jinping quoted the famous Italian writer Moravia as the best comment for his trip to Europe.