Tan Chengxu Met Martin Fisher, President of BorgWarner Drive Experimental Analysis.

Yesterday, Mayor Tan Chengxu met with Martin Fisher, the president of the Bogue Warner transmission experimental analysis in the VIP room of the municipal government, and the two sides made friendly talks on deepening exchanges and cooperation.


Tan Chengxu welcomed the visit of Martin Fisher and thanked Bogue Warner for the contribution to Dalian's economic and  social development in the future.He said : 'The Dalian delegation visited the United States in May this year, and I made a very pleasant and  constructive talks with Martin Fisher President in the Global Head Office of BorgWarner, and both sides agreed to deepen and expand further cooperation.'It is hoped that BorgWarner will fully utilize the new policy of external openness that the Chinese government made and the new advantage of Dalian external openness, further expand the investments and production scale, introduce more new product and research and development Business to Dalian.Governments at all levels will provide more application and convenient service to technical innovation and the development in the future of BorgWarner in Dalian.


Martin Fisher thanked Dalian about the concern and support that the government showed to BorgWarner's  enterprise in Dalian. He said:' The pragmatic application's style of government departments at all levels of Dalian further determined the confidence and determination of BorgWarner's expansion of investments. We will continue to strengthen the technology research and development and capital investment, make the Dalian factory stronger, and make a new contribution to the economic social sustainable development of Dalian.