Tan Chengxu Meets with Xiao Jieyun, Vice President of Cisco

Last night, Mayor Tan Chengxu met with Xiao Jieyun, the vice president of Cisco and the CEO of Greater China, who attended the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Cisco Dalian Company, at the state guesthouse in Goog Island.


Tan Chengxu welcomed Xiao Jieyun's visit and congratulated the 10th anniversary of the founding of Cisco Dalian Company. He said that since the beginning of this year, Dalian and Cisco have had frequent interactions and have conducted fruitful discussions and reached consensus on continuing to deepen their cooperation. At present, Dalian has issued a new foreign capital utilization policy aimed at attracting more high-end industries for continuous development. It’s hoped that Cisco will seize the opportunity and give full play to its own advantages to continuously expand its business scope, expand new areas of cooperation, lay out more high-end businesses in Dalian, and realize mutual benefit and win-win and common development.


Xiao Jieyun thanked Dalian for its concern and support for Cisco's enterprises in Dalian. She said that Cisco will continue to expand the scope and depth of cooperation based on Dalian's location, policies and talent advantages to provide better technical products for Dalian's smart city construction, the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing and other fields to promote common prosperity.