The second Phase of the Non-Volatile Memory Project of Intel Semiconductor Dalian Co., Ltd. was Officially put into Operation Yesterday

The second phase of the non-volatile memory project of Intel Semiconductor Dalian Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation yesterday. Tang Yijun, vice secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Governor, and Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the opening ceremony. Vice Governor Cui Fenglin, Mayor Tan Chengxu, Kevin Esfani, Vice President of Intel and General Manager of Intel's Global Non-volatile Memory Division, and Liang Zhiquan, Vice President of Intel and General Manager of Intel Semiconductor (Dalian) Co., Ltd., delivered speeches respectively. Xiao Shengfeng, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Li Pengyu, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jinpu New District, Director of the Management Committee, vice mayor Jin Guowei, and Yi Qingtao, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, attended the launching ceremony.


During the event, Tang Yijun visited the office building and production workshop of the second-phase project to learn about the operation of the project. He pointed out that the cooperation and construction process of the second phase of the non-volatile storage project of Intel Semiconductor Dalian Co., Ltd. is a microcosm of Liaoning's expansion of opening up. The high-quality and efficient completion and production of the new project has enabled us to see " Dalian efficiency" and create " Dalian speed", which is a miracle of Intel's construction and development and a model of Liaoning's foreign trade and economic cooperation. This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. Liaoning will continue to deepen reform, expand opening up and promote innovation. It is hoped that the Intel Phase II project will be taken as a new starting point to further deepen the cooperation between the two sides, continue to expand the investment scale in Liaoning and achieve mutually beneficial and win-win development.


At the launching ceremony, Cui Fenglin expressed his congratulations on behalf of the provincial government to the completion Intel Phase II Project. He said that with the official launch of the project, Dalian and even Liaoning will have a more solid foundation for developing the IC industry and a broader prospect. Liaoning Province will speed up the creation of an international, legal and convenient business environment, vigorously develop new technologies, industries, formats and models represented by the Internet, big data and cloud computing, with focusing on the storage chip manufacturing field, and vigorously promote industrial chain investment, with focusing on introducing upstream and downstream supporting enterprises, striving to do a good job in " small chips", strengthen and expand the integrated circuit industry cluster headed by Intel, and deliver the new momentum for speeding up the construction of Dalian's "two pre-zones" and the overall revitalization of Liaoning's old industrial base.


Tan Chengxu said in his speech that the completion of Intel Phase II Project marks a new breakthrough in cultivating and expanding the integrated circuit industry and building a leading strategic emerging industrial cluster in China. Led and demonstrated by Intel projects, more and more upstream and downstream enterprises have settled in Dalian, and a number of high-growth and innovative local enterprises with independent intellectual property rights are thriving. Dalian will continue to vigorously support the development of the integrated circuit industry and accelerate the construction of an internationally renowned integrated circuit industry gathering center with advanced technology, complete supporting functions, obvious industrial characteristics, rich human resources, strong driving and radiating functions. As always, it will support the innovative development of enterprises such as Intel Semiconductor Dalian Co., Ltd., and provide more efficient, convenient and high-quality services for project construction and enterprise development.


Kevin Esfani and Liang Zhiquan thanked Liaoning Province and Dalian for their strong support for the project construction. They said that the development speed of the project of Intel Semiconductor Dalian Co., Ltd. completely exceeded the headquarters' expectations, especially the Intel Phase II investment project. The commissioning of production in the shortest time has created a new record in the history of Intel's factory construction, which fully reflects Dalian's good business environment and sound infrastructure. They are full of confidence in Intel's development prospects in Dalian.


During the construction of the Intel Phase II Project, relevant regions, departments and units in Dalian strictly and carefully promoted various work with a highly effective work style and an honest and trustworthy ideology, providing professional, pragmatic, high-quality and efficient services to ensure the smooth completion and commissioning of the project. At the launching ceremony, Tan Zuoyu and Kevin Esfani jointly awarded special contribution awards to the Jinpu New District Management Committee, while Tan Chengxu and Liang Zhiquan presented awards to 22 departments and units such as Dalian Customs, Dalian Taxation Bureau, Municipal Development and Reform Commission and Economic and Credit Commission. Du Risheng, General Manager of the North Asia Region of the US Green Building Council, presented the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design to Intel Semiconductor Dalian Co., Ltd.