The 2018 Summer Davos Annual Meeting " Dalian Night" Was Held in Tianjin

Last night on the Haihe River, people once again felt the charm and passion of this romantic city. The Dalian delegation attending the 2018 Summer Davos held an event of " Dalian Night" at the headquarters, gathering the elites from all walks of life who were still brooding over ideas here to listen to wonderful music and savor the unique Dalian cuisine and attracting them to focus on Dalian again.


Xia Deren, chairman of Provincial Committee of the CPPCC, attended the event. Mayor Tan Chengxu delivered a speech. Zhao Haishan, deputy mayor of Tianjin, Wen Guohui, mayor of Guangzhou, Børge Brende, president of the World Economic Forum, and Yi Qingtao, Secretary-General of Dalian Municipal Government, attended the event. The event was presided over by Lu Lin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor.


On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Tan Chengxu welcomed the guests from home and abroad. In his speech, he thanked Professor Schwab for his sincere friendship with Dalian and his firm belief in Summer Davos. He thanked friends from all walks of life at home and abroad, especially the Chinese and foreign friends who attended Dalian's Summer Davos for six consecutive sessions. Tan Chengxu said that the Summer Davos Annual Meeting is an important platform for exchanges and dialogues between governments and enterprises around the world. In 2007, Dalian successfully held the first Summer Davos Annual Meeting, and in the following 10 years, Dalian successfully hosted the summer Davos six times. The 13th Summer Davos Annual Meeting will return to Dalian next year. Dalian sincerely invites guests from home and abroad and will present a splendid thought feast again with innovative ideas and high-quality and efficient services.


The "Dalian Night" venue is simple and generous, combining classical and modern features. Dalian's propaganda film on the LED background wall at the venue shows its charm. The Peking Opera, acrobatics and folk music performed on the spot gave guests a deep sense of the city's temperament and the sincerity and enthusiasm of Dalian citizens.


In the evening, Dalian sent to 18 Chinese and foreign delegates attending the 6th consecutive Dalian Summer Davos Annual Meeting the honor certificates and souvenirs specially made by the Dalian municipal government. At the event site, Xia Deren and Tan Chengxu issued certificates and " Dalian Century Tramways" models for their representatives.


The event was also a night to make friends and promote Dalian. At the event, Tan Chengxu kept talking with new and old friends to update their understandings on Dalian's economic and social development, reform and opening up, and issued them invitations. Members of the delegation had in-depth exchange with the guests and talked about the prospects for cooperation and development.


On the Haihe River, the Dalian delegation kindled new expectations with enthusiasm. At the end of the event, many guests felt reluctant to leave and agreed with the delegation members to meet again in Dalian next year.