Dalian Customs Pushes New Measures to Facilitate Customs Clearance

On August 21, a batch of auto parts imported from Turkey by Dalian Hangfeng International Freight Co., Ltd. was cleared at the Dalian Customs One-stop Customs Clearance Service Center. The goods are scheduled to arrive at Dalian Dayaowan Port on August 23, when they can be released directly by the pre-processed customs clearance procedures. This is the first shipment of the imported goods in the customs declaration mode after Dalian Customs introduced measures to reduce the overall customs clearance time for the goods this year.


According to Dalian Customs, the early declaration of imported goods means that, on the premise that the manifest of imported goods has been transmitted to the Customs within the specified time, the import enterprise can go through the customs declaration formalities in advance after the shipment of imported goods and before arriving at the port. And if the goods do not involve " inspection" and so on, the goods will be released directly after they arrive. The declaration time of the goods in this customs clearance mode is earlier than the import and export date, and declaration, document examination and tax payment are made to the customs in advance before the arrival of the goods, effectively shortening the processing time from customs acceptance to enterprise tax payment, improving the efficiency of customs supervision, and at the same time saving customs clearance time and logistics cost for enterprises.


The person in charge of the customs clearance department of Dalian Hangfeng International Freight Co., Ltd. stated that the previous declaration method was to clear the goods within 2 to 3 days after the goods arrived at the port. If the declare in advance model is adopted, the procedure of clearing and picking up the goods can be preceded. This model not only reduces the customs clearance time by 2 - 3 days, but also reduces the cost of warehousing and logistics for enterprises, especially for enterprises importing fresh and multi-carton goods.


Dalian customs official said that the mode chosen by the enterprise to declare imported goods in advance is to advance the work from the declaration to the tax payment, and not to rush the customs clearance after the goods arrive at port, effectively shortening the overall customs clearance time at the port.