Customs implements " single window" to help enterprises speed up customs clearance

Dalian International Airport is one of the busiest airport ports in northeast China. But thanks to the “one window” of international trade launched by the customs, in the customs customs declaration hall of Dalian Customs, there are often only a few customs brokers in the business. The reporter learned from Dalian customs that by the end of July, the " single window" customs declaration coverage rate of Dalian Airport Customs had exceeded 90 %. The “bulk import” tailor-made for enterprises has reduced the time taken to generate customs declaration forms to one-fourth of the original time, helping enterprises to speed up customs clearance.


According to reports, before the introduction of the " single window" for international trade, the customs declaration hall of the airport was often packed with people, but now enterprises can handle relevant customs declaration services on computers. In addition to avoiding queuing, the customs clearance process is further simplified. In the past, enterprises must carry the bill of lading stamped with the customs release stamp before taking delivery of the goods. With the implementation of electronic release, customs release information is sent directly through electronic data. Enterprises can directly take delivery of goods as long as they hold the bill of lading. The widespread use of the " single window" in international trade has realized the information sharing of declaration data between port departments. The data items declared by enterprises have been reduced by 30%, the customs clearance time has been reduced by 30%, and 50% of human resources have been saved.


In addition, in order to further improve the "single window", the airport customs also independently created a common problem summary module. Since the "single window" promotion period, 43 cases of representative problems generally reported by enterprises have been collected through telephone feedback and WeChat groups, and solutions have been formulated in time and released to the public, with a resolution rate of 100%.