Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Won the Bid for the Overall Equipment of Dubai Digital Material Yard

Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group has recently won the bid for the project of Dubai bulk material digital coal yard management system after winning the bid for Dubai Haxiang Clean Coal Factory Project in logistics piling and conveying system. With these, DHHI has got an overall EPC contract of the coal yard from logistics transportation to storage management with total value of more than 300 million RMB and made it possible for DHHI to achieve both the enhancement of the export of complete sets of equipment and intelligent management and overall output of a clean and environment-friendly material yard. As a result, DHHI has made an international breakthrough for its digital complete material yard which has been granted independent intellectual property rights in its design. It strengthened the brand value of the enterprise, its intelligent upgrade and international competitiveness of the model of  “core manufacturing + complete sets of the total package”.

The technical advantages of this project are firstly embodied in the intelligent solutions of the material yard system, which can realize both the safe, environmental-friendly and efficient operation, management and control and 3D dynamic operation of the stacker and reclaimer, belt conveyor, equipment and materials protection in an enclosed material shack. The successful bid of this project reflects an international breakthrough of independent intellectual property rights of DHHI in technology, research and development in achieving overall material yard system in its field, namely the first overall digital material yard, the most safe and environment-friendly material yard and the first overall EPC export material yard in China. The glorious reputations lay a sound foundation for DHHI to further build its performance, explore new area and lead domestic industries in the bulk material market.

The project of Dubai Haxiang Clean Coal Power Station is the first coal-fired power station in the Middle East established for power supply of 2020 Dubai World Expo. It will also be the first major IPP project in Dubai and the first clean coal project in the Middle East. When completed, it will be the largest and the most advanced coal-fired power factory in the area. The project involves a wide range of material field equipment, asks for high technical requirements, demands large quantity and confronts great difficulties. The supporting material yard of the power station is composed of three parts:  logistics heap, logistics transmission and logistics management system. It includes two material piling and taking machines with high-performance of 3300 tons/h , two sets of reclaimers with high performance of 3300 tons/h, 26 travel ultra-wideband conveyors and machines and system equipment which can monitor two material shacks(700 meters in its length and 130 meters in its width for per) in a digital way at the same time. As the purpose of the project is to supply power in 2020 Dubai World Expo, it will be carried out in accordance with the highest international standard. Besides, the equipment system in the closed material shacks shall be designed in accordance with international explosion-proof standards of area 21.

The successful signing of the project benefits a lot from the advantages of “combined fleet” of DHHI from the earlier stage of careful management of customers and technical preparation so as to satisfy international standard to the later stage of multiple rounds of communications and discussions with Hartel International Company , Northeast Electric Power Design Institute and BV Corporation of the United States to finally form the optimal overall solution.In particular, more than a dozen advanced technologies developed by the core technology have achieved industry leading and international innovation, winning high recognition from customers and finally bid successfully by defeating numerous competitors. In a nutshell, these enables DHHI to successfully get the EPC coal yard project from heap collection, transportation and storage to management.