The First Investment Promotion Conference of the Cultural Industry in Dalian was Held in Shanghai

In order to deepen the multi-domain and multi-level economic and trade cooperation between Shanghai and Dalian and further expand the results of Shanghai-Dalian economic and trade cooperation, the 2018 Shanghai-Dalian Economic and Trade Cooperation Shanghai·Dalian week was held in Shanghai from June 19 to 22 with the theme of “Deepening the cooperation between Shanghai and Dalian and Promoting transformation and upgrading". Yesterday afternoon, one of the highlights of the event was the successful holding of the Dalian cultural industry special investment promotion conference sponsored by the Department of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication of Dalian at Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi. This is also the first time that Dalian has held a special promotion conference for cultural industries in other cities. The promotion conference aims to implement the requirements of the Dalian Municipal Party Committee and the Dalian Municipal Government to cooperate with Shanghai, promote all-round cooperation and exchanges in the cultural field, make efforts to deepen the counterpart cooperation in the cultural field, and build a platform to push forward the cooperation of cultural industry projects between Shanghai and Dalian in a solid way.


Eight cultural industrial parks and ten cultural enterprises in Dalian city carried out on-site promotion of their respective park planning and project development. The promotion projects include reconstruction of industrial old factory buildings, cultural creativity, cultural tourism, film and television performing arts, VR applications, cultural and blog industries, cultural and scientific education and agricultural integration development industries, and many other categories. The combination of words, pictures, videos and speeches has won the praise of all Shanghai colleagues and the applause at the scene. Afterwards, heads of Shanghai Film Distribution and Display Industry Association, Animation Industry Association, Network AV Industry Association, Radio and Film Production Industry Association, and Online Game Industry Association, and leaders of the Shanghai National Cultural Industry Demonstration Park and Base, Representatives of some cultural industry enterprises in Shanghai and representatives from administrative departments of districts and counties in Shanghai conducted multi-exchange discussions with representatives of the cultural industry in Dalian.


Finally, the signing ceremony of the three projects, brought the atmosphere of the promotion to the climax with the Lushun Museum and the Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing Co., Ltd., Dalian Wisdom Park and Jingdian Commercial Management Co., Ltd. and the Japanese Baths Cultural Brand reaching strategic cooperation agreements. Wang Zhenfen, director of the Lushun Museum, told reporters that the Lushun Museum will jointly develop 23 kinds of A Dream of Red Mansions album derivative products with Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House Co., Ltd., In addition to paper works, there are stationery, notebook and other creative products. For now, the project has been implemented and is being developed in stages and batches.


Today, a total of 70 participants from Dalian cultural industrial park, cultural enterprises and municipal and county cultural departments will also make field visits to the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park and the Tianzifang Cultural and Industrial Park to better learn the experience.