“2017 National Housing Fund Annual Report” was Issued

 Recently, “2017 National Housing Fund Annual Report” (hereinafter, “report”) was issued jointly by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Finance and People's Bank of China. It comprehensively published the running condition of national housing fund management in 2017 and the produced social and economic benefits.

In line with “report”, the housing fund system would further cover larger scope with increasing deposit amount. In 2017, the actual housing fund deposit unit and staff reached about 2.62 million and 0.14 billion, which increased 10.11% and 5.15% respectively compared to last year. The net-increased national housing fund deposit unit and staff reached about 0.25 million and 6.73 million, which maintained consecutive increase. The housing fund deposit amount reached 1872.674 billion yuan, 13.06% increase compared to last year. Besides, the housing fund deposit amount maintained over 10% growth rate in last 5 consecutive years. Until the end of 2017, the total amount and balance of housing fund deposit reached about 12.5 trillion yuan and 5.2 trillion yuan, increased 17.68% and 13.13% compared to last year. What’s more, the per capita amount of national housing deposit was 13,600 yuan, 7.53% year-on-year growth.  

In line with “report”, the housing fund deposit subject was getting diversified with balanced deposit structure. Among national housing fund deposit staffs, the staffs in urban private and other enterprises, foreign-invested enterprise, private non-enterprise organization and other units reached 45.31%, 2.45% increase compared to last year. And the non-public economy deposit staff reached almost 50%. Among the new deposit staffs, the urban private and other enterprises, foreign-invested enterprise, private non-enterprise organization and other units occupied 71.37%, 2.26% increase compared to last year. And the the non-public economy deposit staff was the main force. Besides, new citizens including rural transferred people and new graduated students reached 9.66 million, taking up 52.85% of the new deposit staffs. Since November in 2017, the policy of housing fund for compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan has been implemented, 6900 compatriots was brought into hosing fund system before the end of 2017.

In line with “report”, the housing fund could solidly support staffs for basic housing consumption to alleviate their housing burden. In 2017, the withdrawal amount of housing fund was 1.27 trillion yuan, including 1.01 trillion yuan for housing consumption, taking up 79.49%. The housing rent withdrawal amount was 44.5 billion yuan, 22.21% increase compared to last year. Besides, the it covers about 4.96 million people with 9000 yuan per capita. It was obvious that housing fund has greatly solved housing problem through rent. What’s more, it issued personal housing fund loan about 0.25 million times in 0.953 trillion yuan. Until the end of 2017, the accumulative total of personal housing fund loan reached 3.08 million times in 7.56 trillion yuan. And the personal housing loan balance and loan rate reached 4.50 trillion yuan and 87.27% respectively. The personal housing fund loan interest rate was lower in 1.65--2.00% than personal commercial housing benchmark loan rate, which can save 0.19 trillion-yuan interest expenditure for staffs in 20 years. Besides, it can also save 76300 yuan for each loan on average. Among the personal housing loan issued in 2017, the middle and low income groups occupied 96.05%. The first housing loan took up 86.24% and the ordinary housing with the living space lower than 144 square meters reached 89.20%. Therefore, the housing fund loan stressed emphasis on the support of middle and low income staffs for purchasing first ordinary housing. In 2017, the subsidized loan from housing fund to commercial reached 0.13 million times in 60.4 billion yuan. And the interest subsidy in that year was 2.086 billion yuan. Through interest subsidy, it brought the benefit of housing fund system to more people and let more staffs enjoy the low-interest housing fund loan.  

In line with “report”, the information construction of housing fund and its relevant service have been accelerated and improved. At the end of 2017, 366 housing fund management centers and branches in China achieved the implementation of housing fund data standard and the connection of housing fund balance application system. In 2017, the balance value completed through balance application system was 674.6 billion yuan in 619 times. It has comprehensively improved the supervision and control of funds, financial management efficiency and service standard. Until the end of 2017, among 342 cities and districts in China, 295 cities set up housing fund website, 313 cities set 12329 housing fund service hotline, 161 cities built online business hall, 233 cities set self-service terminals, 241 cities open official wechat, 128 cities set up mobile client and 105 cities set up integrated service platform including 8 service channels. The deposit unit and staff could handle various issues through information channel in more convenient way, which has greatly improved service efficiency. In July, 2017, national housing fund transfer and renewing platform has set up and put into service, which achieved fast and convenient money transfer. Till the end of 2017, the transfer and renewing of housing fund handled through transfer platform in whole country reached 5.41 billion yuan in 190 thousand times.

In line with “report”, the risk prevention and control of housing fund was safe and efficient. Till the end of 2107, the overdue value of personal housing fund loan was 1.058 billion yuan in 0.02% overdue rate, which continued to maintain in a relative low level. Besides, the balance of personal housing loan loss provision reached 169.118 billion yuan, taking up 3.75% of personal housing loan balance. It was 159.85 times of overdue loan value, which could fully cover personal housing loan risk. The balance of loan loss provision of security housing construction pilot project loan supported by non-overdue reached 1.349 billion yuan, taking up 16.49% of loan balance of pilot project. The remaining risk assets continued to be solved. The liquidation work in whole country achieved breakthrough with taking back remaining risk capital 99 million yuan in 65.30% liquidation rate. Besides, the uncollected remaining risk capital city has decreased from seven to two.