Vocational Training Center Promoted Sign Language in Financial Enterprises

Recently, commissioned by China Everbright Bank Dalian Branch Business Department, Dalian Vocational Training Center for the Disabled implemented sign language training frequently used in bank window financial service for 20 working staffs.

In accordance with the service characteristics of banking and actual demand of thousands of national involved accessible demonstration sites, this training has formulated relevant teaching plan and adopted the training method combined sign language with industrial characteristics. Taking daily service language as main teaching content, it aimed to put what they have learned into practice. Through training, the participated staffs almost grasped the sign language used for daily service, which has improved service capability in banking offices.

This training was an important measure for vocational training center to “promote sign language in enterprises”. The consecutive promotion of sign language in financial enterprises in our city will further improve the self-management capability and service standard of financial service enterprises. Besides, it will also advance the promotion of sign language effectively.

Since the third sign language contest held by vocational training center in 2016, the promotion of sign language has been advanced smoothly. It provided sign language training for all sectors of society over 500 people, including hospital, university, bank, subway and freelancers, which has gained favorable social effect.