2018 China-Japan Tourism Dalian Exchange Conference (Forum) was Held

Yesterday, the 2018 China-Japan Tourism Dalian Exchange Conference (Forum) and Japan Kitamae-nune Mooring Harbor Forum Dalian Conference were held at Furama Hotel. Vice Governor Hao Chunrong and Mayor Tan Chengxu attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Yi Qingyi , secretary-general of Dalian Government, Dai Bin, president of China Tourism Academy, Xu Weiwang, director of Shanghai tourism bureau attended the event. Tomita Shigeyuki, representative of Japan’s House of Representatives, Mimura Michi, Minister of Tourism Promotion of Japan Tourism Agency, Li Baochun, Deputy Secretary-General of the World Tourism City Association, Ishikawa Yoshikazu, Speaker of the Japan Kitamae-nune Mooring Harbor Forum and Kei Miyamoto, Director of Kitamae-nune Japan Heritage Promotion Association delivered speeches respectively. Kazushige Okamoto, Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs and Financial official, Yoji Kojima, the highest advisor of Japan Kitamae-nune Forum and the supreme advisor of All Nippon Airways, and Shinji Yuichi, the former member of the House of Representatives attended the activity. The opening ceremony was chaired by deputy mayor Hao Ming.


While delivering a speech, Hao Chunrong said that China and Japan are the neighbors connected by waters, they are geographically close, culturally connected and commercially connected, and the two countries are each other’s important tourist destination countries and tourist source countries with the highly complementary tourism industry. China-Japan Tourism Dalian Exchange Conference will expand the Field of Exchange and Cooperation between the two countries in tourism.


Tan chengxu, on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, welcomed the Chinese and foreign guests to the conference.


He said that Dalian has a long history of friendly exchanges with Japan and is one of the cities with the closest exchange and cooperation between China and Japan. The Sino-Japanese tourism Dalian exchange conference has successfully been held two sessions, promoting the economic, trade, and cultural exchanges between Dalian and Japanese cities. This year's China-Japan tourism Dalian exchange conference has promoted the Kitamae-nune Mooring Harbor Forum, Japan's largest and highest-level private tourism cultural exchange platform, to move to Dalian for the first time, injecting new impetus into the deepening of tourism and cultural exchange between Dalian and Japan.


Tomita Shigeyuki,Mimura Michi,Li Baochun,Ishikawa Yoshikazu,Kei Miyamoto expressed their congratulations on the 2018 China-Japan Tourism Dalian Exchange Conference (Forum) and Kitamae-nune Mooring Harbor Forum Dalian Conference, hoping to take this opportunity to further deepen the cooperation between the two sides in tourism, personnel exchanges and related fields so as to realize win-win development.


The Kitamae-nune Mooring Harbor Forum, as a dialogue platform for strengthening tourism and cultural exchanges between ports and cities along the sea of Japan, started in 2007 and has successfully held 22 sessions. Toshihiro Nikai, Japanese Liberal Democratic Party’s General Secretary, has served as special adviser to the forum.