Ganjingzi District invests 45 million yuan on basic public health services

In 2017, the subsidy standard of basic public health services of Ganjingzi District has been increased from 45 yuan to 50 yuan, and the annual fund-raising has been over 45 million yuan, benefiting 900 thousand people.

Basic public health services include establishing health files for registered and floating population for free and carrying out services including education activities on health, vaccination, child health management, health care for pregnant women and the elderly, health management for people with chronic diseases and severe mental disorders, and traditional Chinese medicine management. It aims at implementing interventions on the health problems of residents to reduce the major health risk factors and effectively prevent and control the major infectious diseases and chronic diseases.

Since 2009, Ganjingzi District has established a mechanism of inputting government funds for basic public health services. As a financial guarantee department, the district finance department has done a good job in preparing funds ahead of schedule, allocating the project budget and speeding up the project funding appropriation. The advanced funding rate before March reached 80% and the capital arrival rate at the end of the year was 100%. On the other hand, the department strengthened the supervision of funds and ensured the earmarking of special funds so as to provide sufficient financial support for the smooth development of basic public health services.