The “follow-up” campaign of the Airport Street builds an employment bridge for people

"Thank our sub-district community for helping me find a job. I’m doing it well and my income is also stable." a community resident said. After his unemployment, his wife became the only bread-winner in the family with a senior high student, thus making the life quite difficult. Recently, the sub-district visited him for several times to learn about his life situation and help him back into the job.

There are several old communities in the Airport Street with many registered unemployed people and complicated situations. In view of this reality, the sub-district conscientiously established follow-up records for unemployed persons and learned about their situations through various channels, including home visits and telephone interviews. For families with employment difficulty, the sub-district staff visited both the unemployed and the work units of their family members so as to truly solve employment problems.

The sub-district staff gave full play to the advantages of grid management by setting up full-time returning visit staff and mobilizing more than 100 building leaders to be part-time returning visit staff. They are supposed to visit community residents at any time and appoint the returning visit staff  at the building leaders' meeting once a month so as to truly solve difficulties for the unemployed.


The Airport Street continued to enrich the employment service content and improve the quality. A series of employment and entrepreneurship activities have been carried out, including Spring Job Fairs, “sending job posts to families”, generalized system of preferences (GSP) skill training and entrepreneurship salon. 1358 people have been employed and more than 200 people started their own businesses. The Airport Street in the future will continue to emancipate the mind, learn advanced experience of advanced areas so as to provide people with better services.