The Sanitation Department of Lushunkou District makes efforts to keep the food markets clean

Recently, the Sanitation Department of Lushunkou District has taken various methods to forcefully keep the cleanness of food markets and ensure a clean and tidy environment during the autumn-vegetable season.

The Sanitation Department should make the regular sweep in a timely manner, ensure an effective cleaning and work out reasonable personnel allocation plans in order to clean the rotten vegetable in time. When managing pollution-prone areas, sweepers may put the piled rotten vegetables at a pointed place and take them away by the night of a day. And officials should be arranged to implement a continuous inspection during the day. The administrative staff should carry out supervision and inspection on the pollution clean-up, timely detect and solve the problems rising in the clean-up process. In addition, at the peak of autumn-vegetable sales, transport vehicles and cleaning personnel should be arranged to clean up the garbage of autumn vegetables and prevent the occurrence of large-scale pollution to keep the environment and roads tidy and smooth.