Xiao Shengfeng meets with Russian chairman of China-Russia Friendship, Peace and Development Committee

Yesterday, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng met with Boris Yuriyevich Titov, Russian chairman of the China-Russia Friendship, Peace and Development Committee in the VIP room of the Dalian Municipal Government. Both sides agreed to enhance economic and trade exchanges and establish a sister city between Dalian and Silla Siskock of Russia. Lu Lin, member of Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and vice mayor, and Luo Dongsheng, secretary- general of the Municipal Government, attended the meeting.

China-Russia Friendship, Peace and Development Commission is a non-governmental friendly organization advocated by the heads of China and Russia. It was identified as the main channel for friendly exchanges between the two peoples aiming to consolidate the foundation of social public opinion for the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination between China and Russia, and promote the friendly exchanges and cooperation in all fields. Xiao Shengfeng welcomed Boris Yuriyyevich Titov and his delegation and briefed them on the economic and social development of the city and the economic and trade exchanges with Russia. He said that China and Russia are friendly neighbors bounded by mountains and rivers and the friendship between the two peoples dates back to ancient times. Dalian respectively became sister city with Vladivostok and Tomsk. The two sides have conducted exchanges and cooperation in many fields and achieved fruitful results. Xiao Shengfeng said that the construction of the Free Trade Zone has given Dalian a pioneering policy in the field of opening-up. We will continue to deeply promote the new round of high-level opening-up and actively integrate into the "Belt and Road" initiative to create an open cooperation platform. We hope that Boris Yeriyevich Titov will further visit Dalian to enhance understanding, develop friendship and actively promote pragmatic cooperation in economy, trade, culture, education, science and technology, and tourism.

Boris Yuliyevich Titov said that Dalian is a desirable city. After investigation and negotiation, Titov decided to start grape cultivation in Lushunkou District and build a winery so as to attract more Russian enterprises to invest in Dalian and develop with the progress of this city through this project.