Dalian Haichang Co., Ltd. supports the cultural dinner of 2017 Summer Davos with the theme of Publicizing the Charming Dalian to the World, which will

In order to highlight Dalian’s cultural characteristics at the tomorrow night’s culture dinner of 2017 Summer Davos and show guests from all over the world the passion and vitality of Dalian people, Dalian Haichang Co., Ltd. and its subordinate listed company in Hang Kong---Haichang Ocean Park Holding Ltd.---will give a wonderful performance with Dalian DiscoveryLand Theme Park. More than 100 dancers from home and abroad will play an overture for cultural dinner of 2017 Summer Davos. A magnificent float parade, ebullient dance performances and cute dolls will make up a cultural activity with unique characteristics, aiming to show the guests from home and abroad an unforgettable “night of Dalian”.

The performances will be divided into welcome zone, parade zone and interaction zone, which are set mainly at the road segment from the International Convention Center to the Fountain Plaza. Before the dinner, a welcome ceremony with the theme of “glad to meet you” will be held to greet guests going to the dinner zone from the conference hall. With the float parade, the cartoon dolls created by Dalian Haichang Co., Ltd. will take photos with guests. The guests can also select magnetic sticks with the sign of Dalian or characteristic elements of Haichang on them to keep as souvenirs. The relaxing, joyful and lively environment will create a warm atmosphere at the maximum level to welcome guests from all countries. During the dinner, the romantic and beautiful parade will present a dreamlike and visual feast for the guests.

Besides, a Bordeaux winemaker from France---Lamont Wines Ltd.---will provide wines for the culture dinner. Based on the characteristics of the culture dinner, Lamont Wines Ltd. will carefully select dry red wine, botrytised white sweet wine and other two kinds of wines to treat guests. They will taste the vintage wines with Bordeaux characteristics.

A person in charge of Dalian Haichang Co., Ltd. hoped that the energetic, charming and cultural image of Dalian can make a profound impression on the guests through the cultural dinner and wonderful performances presented by Dalian Haichang Co., Ltd.

Haichang Ocean Park Holding Ltd. is the biggest developer and operator among China’s ocean parks. The company is also the operator whose theme park was listed in Hong Kong for the first time in China. Haichang Ocean Park Holding Ltd. owns two national“5A”scenic spots and six national“4A”scenic spots. The opened area of Haichang Ocean Park reaches 1380 square meters, which welcomes 12000 thousand tourists each year. As a listed company of Dalian, Haichang Ocean Park Holding Ltd. will continuously expand and improve the project layout in nationwide and create a holiday resort containing edutainment, professional education, social practice and intelligent holiday.