Lushunkou District Bureau of Development and Reform conducts a joint action to enhance the supervision on market price

On June 27, Lushunkou District Bureau of Development and Reform conducted a joint inspection on Seafood Street of Yanchang together with Market Supervision Administration, Bureau of Tourism and Bureau of Commerce.

The Seafood Street of Yanchang gathers many catering and accommodation operators, and thus is one of the main consumption places for tourists with large tourist mobility and high consumption volume. Besides, many consumption conflicts occur in the street, which causes centralized complaints. The joint inspection covers more than 30 operators in such aspects as legal pricing, safety food circulation and rational operation scope. Relevant laws and regulations like Reminder Letter for the Restaurant Operators on Pricing, Law of Price, Regulation on Prohibiting Price Fraud, etc. were distributed to operators, informing them clearly that such illegal acts as “double pricing” and “expired operating permit and medical certificate” are strictly prohibited, so as to enhance the operators’ concept of legal operation.

During the inspection, most of the operators observe the regulation of legal operation and clearly mark the price. However, the problems of incomplete price tag and untimely changing price tag still exist. The corresponding operators will correct their improper operation behaviors and conduct rectification immediately after receiving propaganda, explanation and warning.