Dalian holds “night of Dalian” cultural dinner of 2017 Summer Davos Forum

Last night, the Musical Fountain Plaza of Donggang Business District was full of laughter. The “night of Dalian” cultural dinner, held by Dalian Government, gathered talents from all walks of life to taste Chinese food, feel the charm of the romantic city and experience development vitality and innovation achievements of Dalian.

Kalmuck, vice-premierof Moldova, was invited to attend the cultural dinner. Xia Deren, chairman of Liaoning Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and Wang Xiaotao, vice director of National Development and Reform Commission, attended the dinner. Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of Liaoning Province and secretary of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, Xiao Shengfeng, mayor of Dalian, and Schwab, chairman of World Economic Forum, launched the “night of Dalian” together. The attendees included leaders from national ministries and commissions, municipal Party committee and government, and other cities, persons in charge from districts, cities and counties, Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs who attended annual meetings, global young leaders, young scientists and representatives from non-governmental organizations.

The “night of Dalian” was considered as a platform to let the world hear the sound of Dalian as well as let Dalian further integrate into the world economy. Tan and Xiao communicated with the domestic and foreign guests who attended the cultural dinner and introduced the economic and social development of Dalian, especially the construction of Jinpu New District and Dalian Area of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone. They also publicized the development superiority and potentiality, industry orientation and investment policies. Tan and Xiao said that Dalian will go along with everyone and take full advantage of the platform of Summer Davos to strengthen friendly exchanges and deepen pragmatic cooperation, aiming to welcome investors from all over the world with international business environment of openness and inclusiveness, mutual beneficial cooperation, and respecting and protecting business.

The room decoration of the “night of Dalian” was simple and elegant with classical and modern characteristics. The LED background wall played the advertising video of Dalian, which made Chinese and foreign guests feel the innovation and passion of Dalian. The Chinese culture, including paper-cut, traditional Chinese painting, Peking opera, dancing, acrobatics and Kungfu, left a deep impression on the guests. The music fountain made fantastic water curtain with melodious music, which formed wonderful combination with light and shadow. The guests enjoyed the cultural dinner, which brought opportunities and cooperation to Dalian.