2017 China “Coastal Road” gate ball competitions in Zhuanghe Station end

On June 26, 2017 China “Coastal Road” gate ball competitions Zhuanghe Station were held at the Gate Ball Fitness Center. More than 200 players of 20 teams from all over the country, including Taiwan competed on the field.

This event was organized by China Gate Ball Association, co-organized by Dalian Gate Ball Association and Zhuanghe Sports Association for Senior Citizens and Zhuanghe Gate Ball Association, as well as Dalian Sports Bureau, Dalian Sports Federation and Zhuanghe Culture and Broadcasting Bureau. Present at the events were Lu Tao, vice president of China Gate Ball Association, leaders from China Gate Ball Association, Dalian Gate Ball Association and leaders of Zhuanghe City, including He Tong, Li Yibing, Zhao Yingchun, Lu Jianyuan, Liu Shengdong and Liu Zhen.

At the closing ceremony, a leader of Zhuanghe City mentioned in his speech that Zhuanghe organizing these competitions shows the great confidence and care for Zhuanghe of China Gate Ball Association and Dalian Gate Ball Association. Zhuanghe Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government are always caring about the sports work of the senior, successively investing over 4 million yuan from 2013 to build a high-level gate ball center so as to promote physical fitness of senior citizens. This event not only provides learning opportunity for Zhuanghe gate ball activity, but also promotes the development of gate ball in Zhuanghe.

It’s learned that 2017 China “Coastal Road” gate ball competitions include three stations. Dalian station was from June 21 to 23 with the winner from Zhuanghe team. Lushun station was from June 24 to 25 and Zhuanghe team was the third place. Zhuanghe station was from June 26 and Zhuanghe team won the first place. Zhuanghe Huanghai team and Zhuanghe Kangle team were the second and third place respectively.

At the closing ceremony, leaders of Zhuanghe City and guests presented the awards to the winning teams.