Xiao Shengfeng meets with Morita Ryuu Takashi, executive director of Nippon Electric Corporation

Xiao Shengfeng met with Morita Ryuu Takashi, executive director of Nippon Electric Corporation and his party in Bangchui Island Hotel. The Municipal Secretary General Luo Dongsheng attended the meeting. 

Xiao Shengfeng expressed his welcome to Morita Ryuu Takashi and his party for their coming to Dalian Summer Davos and introduced Dalian’s economic and social development to the guests. Dalian attaches great importance to economic and trade cooperation with the Japanese businesses, and there have been 4695 Japanese enterprises with an actual investment of 19 billion dollars in Dalian by May, said Mr. Xiao. In recent years, Dalian has made full use of location, opening, industrial advantages and policy environment to speed up the development of software and information technology, thus forming an industrial belt of education, training, software and service outsourcing. In 2016, the operating income of software and information and service in Dalian reached 156.7 billion yuan. Nippon Electric Corporation, a world-renowned IT company, has established a good relationship with Dalian Hi-Think Computer Technology. Nippon Electric Corporation is expected to seek the chance of accelerating the construction of free trade pilot zone, further expand investment and business, and promote further cooperation between the two parties.

Morita Ryuu Takashi expressed his gratitude to Dalian’s supports for Nippon Electric Corporation and introduced the production and operation of the enterprise, saying that Nippon Electric Corporation is to expand its business scope in Dalian and actively seek chance for cooperation so as to make great contributions to economic and social development of Dalian.