Changhai leading group of the tourism industry development held the 2nd working meeting.

On May 22nd, 2017, Changhai leading group of the tourism industry development held a special meeting for the 2017 International Ocean Fishing Festival. Fang Jianwei, secretary of county Party committee,hosted the meeting. County Magistrate Jiang Suzhi, vice secretary of county Party committee Li Zhengqun, Executive Vice County Magistrate Shi Liang, County Secretary of Politics and Law Committee Liu Zhengbin, County NPC Vice Director Yu Houguang, Vice County Magistrate Zhang Jun, Director of County Public Security Bureau Wang Jizhou, Vice Chairman of CPPCC Changhai Committee, Officer Yu Xisheng and other group members also took part in the meeting.

During the meeting, the County Tourism Bureau as well as the representatives from different local towns, reported the preparation work of the 2017 International Fishing Festival in Changshan Island, including Big Changshan Island, Guanglu Island, Zhangzi Island, Small Changshan Town and Haiyang Town. There will be 8 main celebrating parts in the festival this year, lasting from June to September. The governments at town and village levels are responsible for organizing Style Fishing Festival in Big Changshan, Ocean Fishing Festival and National Ocean Fishing Competition (Classic) in Small Changshan Island, Mazu Culture and Tourism Festival in Guanglu Island, Fishmen Festival and Fishing Initiation Festival in Zhangzi Island. The enterprises are responsible for the opening ceremony of the Ocean Fishing Festival and National Ocean Fishing Competition (Points) of  Fishery Mutual Guarantee Cup, Outdoor Fishing Competition of Haichang Cup and Inviting Ocean Competition of Talian Island Cup. The County Bureau systematically managed the activities and worked out a protocol for the 2017 International Fishing Festival.

Fang Jianwei pointed out that the festival has been successfully held for 20 times since 1997, which indicates the strong capability of Changhai County. All the units are supposed to pay high attention, take advantage of previous experience in festivals and carry out the activities that please both local people and visitors.

Fang Jianwei also required that the quality of the activities be highly concerned and improved, the public be benefited, the influence be expanded and practical effects be achieved. Firstly, improve the designing and planning of the festival according to the locals’ and the visitors’ demands. More activities of local style should be carried out instead of just copying from the previous ones. Secondly, try to get as many as people involved especially via the touring agents or other marketing methods. Thirdly, the festival should act as a good platform to expand Changhai’s influence and set up a new image of the county. The ecological environment, the seafood, the ocean fishing base and other special resources could be displayed through the platform of the festival. Fourthly, the festivals are encouraged to combine with commercial business like selling ocean products and experiencing fishing manufactory with payments, not only to satisfy the visitors but also to benefit the locals and the companies.