The keynote speech of 2017 Dalian Exchange Conference on Sino-Japanese Tourism focuses on “Sino-Japanese Tourism Cooperation”

On May 22nd, the keynote speech of the 2017 Dalian Exchange Conference on Sino-Japanese Tourism was delivered at the Furama Hotel Dalian. The responsible people of city and tourism and representatives of relevant departments and tourism enterprises from China and Japan conducted exchanges and discussions on “promoting cooperation and win-win of Sino-Japanese tourism”. The keynote speech meeting was chaired by Wang Shuyan, deputy inspector of Dalian Tourism Development Committee.

Xu Fan, marketing specialist of World Tourism Organization, made a presentation on “a glance at China’s outbound tourism” and adopted data to analyze and elaborate the need of Chinese tourists and the trend of tourism products. He put forward that the life style of youngsters, so called “millennial generation”, would have a direct impact on the future tourism market and trend. 

Kawarabayashi Yasuto, deputy minister of Japan Tourism Agency, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, made a speech on “taking high-quality tourism between China and Japan as an aim”. When speaking of cooperation and exchange between China and Japan, he said that local exchanges, teenagers’ exchanges and cultural and sports exchanges were three bridges on the cooperation between China and Japan.

Osashi Muratadashi, director of the Japan Travel Association (JATA), introduced Japan’s tourism competitiveness through the data of exchange visits between China and Japan.

Horisaka Akihiro, director of Japan Nippon Travel Corporation Ltd. held that
“the win-win of Sino-Japanese tourism” started from the promotion of mutual understanding between the two countries and expansion of exchanges among two countries’ people. As for enlarging the number of exchange tourists, he raised four constructive proposals. 

Dai Long, the chief operating officer of Pacific Asia Tourism Association (PATA), mentioned in his speech that the tourism industry was bringing astonishing economic contributions to the world and 10 percent of the work was directly or indirectly linked to the tourism industry. And currently, China has been the third largest tourism country with the prosperity of domestic tourism industry.