The Market Supervision Administration of Ganjingzi District held the selecting campaign for Ten-Star Level Honest and Civilized Individual Businesses

The selecting campaign strictly followed the operation sequence, i.e. self-declaration, democratic evaluation, examination and determination, publication, putting on record and distribution of certification. The prize-winner must satisfy ten conditions at the same time, such as, devotion to his own country and his own profession, achievement of prosperity through his own efforts, being honest, observing laws, fair trade, civilized and polite manner, friendly service, being harmonious, contributions to public welfare and hygienic environment. The prize-winners will be rewarded with a plaque with engravings said “Ten-Star Level Honest and Civilized Individual Businesses”, issued by the Municipal Civilization Office and Administration for Industry and Commerce. They will also be granted with moral credit from Postal Savings Bank of China, a subsidiary bank in Dalian. The Market Supervision Administration of Ganjingzi District also closely connected the selecting campaign with the undergoing construction of food safety demonstration and the selecting campaign of honest market, in order to expand the influence of this event. Besides, the Administration also collected information from different aspects such as daily supervision, law-enforcement, complaints from customers, supervision and spot check and intensified the propaganda, mobilization and evaluation of this event so as to make sure that the prize-winner comes naturally from its distinction and capable of being a model to lead all the individual businesses in the district to increase their honest management awareness.